Michael Savage slams Rush Limbaugh over coronavirus comments: ‘Are there no standards in the media?’

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The Washington Times

Rush Limbaugh came under fire Monday from fellow right-wing radio host Michael Savage for disputing the effectiveness of efforts meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Mr. Savage, the host of “The Savage Nation” radio show, renewed criticism of his conservative contemporary in light of Mr. Limbaugh continuing to cast doubt on the capability of statewide travel and business restrictions imposed to prevent the ongoing coronavirus pandemic from worsening. Taking aim at Mr. Limbaugh on Twitter, Mr. Savage asked: “how can LIMBAUGH continue to lie and say ‘we dont know if the lockdowns are working’ WHEN WE KNOW FOR A FACT THAT CHURCH GROUPS AND JEWISH GROUPS WHO REFUSED TO COMPLY BECAME HIGHLY INFECTED?” Mr. Savage added: “Are there no standards in the media? no consequences for endangering lives?” A message requesting comment from Mr. Limbaugh was not immediately answered.