Michael Savage: Biden Administration ‘Destroying’ Our Identity as a Nation — ‘They’re Erasing Us’

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The Biden administration is “destroying our identity as a nation” and essentially “erasing us,” according to conservative radio legend Michael Savage, who warned that U.S. borders are being “dissolved” and American culture “bastardized.” Appearing on Newsmax TV’s The Count on Saturday, the New York Times best-selling author addressed the “full-scale invasion” being abetted by President Joe Biden. Savage, who coined the mantra “borders, language, culture,” noted that “every nation on Earth” is defined by these three things. “Just ask the Ukrainians or the Russians about borders, language, and culture,” he said. “The Mexicans certainly are proud of their borders, and their language, and their culture. The Guatemalans are real proud of their language, their borders, and their culture.” Recalling his own background as the son of an immigrant and a first-generation American, Savage contrasted the conditions of those who immigrated legally in the past with those flooding the border today. “Anyone who came over remembers the movie The Godfather when young Vito has tuberculosis, they make him stay in quarantine. Why? Because they protected the indigenous population. They didn’t bend over backwards for the immigrants,” he said. “Wherever they were coming from, if you were diseased, they put you in quarantine.” “Now we have scabies, tuberculosis, [and] five other diseases that have been suppressed in America — now coming in with these dolls that we’re bringing in over the border,” he added. According to Savage, the real question is who is behind the current crisis and why. “We can see [DHS Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas; we can see [President] Biden, we can see the fingerprints of [former President Barack] Obama,” he said. “This is internationalism. They’re destroying our identity as a nation.” He accused the Biden government, as well as those across the Western nations, of betraying its own people.

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