Originally published January 24, 2019

The big border wall showdown between President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a veritable cast of thousands is escalating. Eager for buzzworthy drama or Trump-bashing extravaganzas, the restless news media has been confabulating multiple scenarios for better or worse as the clock ticks.

One veteran talk radio host, however, ponders the identity of the “Dreamers” at the center of the debate.

“I realize that Congresswoman Pelosi has dreamers and Trump has dreamers, and the church has dreamers, but what happened to, we, the American people who dreamed about making America great again? As Congress prepares for a showdown on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, I maintain that American dreamers have the right to dream first. And we have an obligation to encourage this: Dreams by Americans plant seeds that grow and nurture America,” Michael Savage writes in “American dreamers dream first,” a terse op-ed published Monday on his website.


“We are the real dreamers and we are far more numerous than are, the interlopers and the invaders. We, the American people who voted for Donald Trump, are the real dreamers. We have a vision of our nation unified, strong, visionary — not for this minority or that but for all. That is the heart of our Declaration of Independence. We have a dream and that dream is to make America great again,” says Mr. Savage, who cited Pew Research Center polling data that shows many “Dreamers” are adults rather than children or “studious” teens.

“The cities and states are bending over backwards to cater to this population. They are ‘virtue signaling’ to win the favor of progressive media and voters. It’s all about kowtowing to special interests, not doing what is right. Why did you think they open the floodgates to keep the masses that they are bringing in ignorant masses other than to keep them distracted so they won’t be thrown out of office. Never forget we are the dreamers. Time to make American dreamers’ dreams first, not last,” declares Mr. Savage.

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