ISRAEL LOSING WORLD SUPPORT. RIGHTLY OR WRONGLY + Can A Truce Be Negotiated in Ukraine and A Global War Be Stopped? with Col. Macgregor

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Col. Macgregor is back to break down the challenges the IDF faces in Gaza and why it might not be easy to beat the terrorist group. Could Israel lose America’s support? How this is similar to the Polish Uprising in World War 2. Can the Jewish hostages be saved? How to diffuse a wider regional war.  What might cause the neighboring nations to intervene? How does the control of oil play into this conflict? How to prevent devastating alliances in the Middle East. How Israeli-Russian relations have collapsed. Why did the US announce the movement of our nuclear submarine and aircraft carriers? The shocking reports about looting, child trafficking and corruption emerging from Ukraine. Can a truce be negotiated in Ukraine? Macgregor reveals that he visited Israel and saw the security measures personally. He was in disbelief after the October 7th attack. How the Netflix show Fauda, depicting an undercover Israeli unit in Gaza, almost predicted what is happening. How unchecked immigration is beginning to have dire consequences in the United States. How to stop these conflicts before a global conflict breaks out. Will a new generation of leadership rise in Europe? America is focusing on foreign issues while our country is decimated from within.

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