IS RUSSIA OR UKRAINE WINNING THIS WAR? We ask Col. Douglas Macgregor (episode #500)

Colonel Douglas Macgregor joins Savage to reveal the alarming truths that the media does not cover in the Ukraine War. Macgregor discloses the disturbing loss of Ukrainian lives as the war hawks neglect to find a path to peace. Hear what Colonel Douglas Macgregor has to say; How has NATO abandoned their mission to prevent war in Europe? Where are the calls for peace? How have the same bureaucrats that brought us the interventions in Bosnia, Kosovo and other failed missions reemerged in the Biden Administration? Will Ukraine survive? Who is to blame? How is Russia exporting MORE oil than ever? Where has all the US aid money gone? Why does Macgregor call this era “The Military Industrial Complex ON STEROIDS?” What will Putin do next? Would America put troops on the ground? Savage and Macgregor deliver an information-packed discussion that will leave you stunned; find out what’s really happening in Ukraine.

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