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“Whether Putin has drawn out his saber without the need may be debatable, but the geopolitical reality is that he will not put it back without glory, whatever the cost. Putin, who revived Russia, and rebuilt its economy from the ruins of the collapsed Soviet Union, cannot permit his odyssey to end in the country’s dissolution” writes Alexander G. Markovsky. Markovsky, senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, joins Savage to offer his analysis on the continued escalation of the Ukraine conflict. Markovsky and Savage discuss: Putin’s existential threat from both East and West; why NATO has become increasingly militant; why Russia cannot win the war of attrition; how the Biden administration’s incompetency has fueled this crisis; the truth about Ukraine’s historic borders. What will Putin do next after the Wagner shakeup? Hear Savage and Markovsky’s sharp evaluation on the greatest threat to humanity. 

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