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Do you know that the life of a sea lion is worth more than a white woman in San Francisco today?

Do you know that killing a marine mammal in San Francisco Bay has a violation of Marine Mammal Protection Act which can result in a $100,000 fine and a year in prison?

You might believe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s not.

A woman was walking in San Francisco near the ferry terminal with her father in 2015 when a filthy, degenerate piece of human trash, who should have been deported fives times, shot her in cold blood. She died in her father’s arms, saying “Dad”.

Well, this disgusting city just sprung him free on all charges except possessing a gun. In the beginning this this piece of trash from Mexico said that he was shooting at sea lions with the gun. Well, then his rat lawyer twisted the jury around so much that they didn’t even know that he aimed at them, at these two people on purpose to kill them.

Whether it was a gang initiation or not, we will never know.

This was a major miscarriage of justice.The blame lies with Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Jerry Brown and every city, state, and national leader who has pushed the sanctuary city nonsense. Before this cold-blooded murder, this Mexican killer was on track to be deported for the sixth time. His course changed when he was transferred from federal custody to San Francisco County Jail in March of 2015. According to the local newspaper that’s when a city prosecutor discharged the case. The sheriff’s department released this human trash despite a federal request to hold him for deportation. Then Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi cited the city’s sanctuary city policy, which limits local cooperation with immigration enforcement and seeks to encourage illegal alien people to feel comfortable having a relationship with the criminal city agencies which live off them. And then Jerry Brown who is the new Southern Sheriff of California signed the bill, creating a sanctuary state.

These reckless left leaning politicians are not only playing with your lives as criminal illegals flood across the border, but they’re telling you that you can be shot dead in the street and they will shop the case to a jury and the killer will go free.

I’m asking you what the difference is between what happened in this rotten city and what southern states were doing in the fifties and sixties regarding integration?

The federal government in Congress, in the courts said children should be allowed to go to the same schools regardless of race or color. But racist governors like George Wallace stood in the doorway, making sure that wouldn’t happen. Well,Jerry Brown is now George Wallace. The good liberal Jerry Brown is now a southern governor; Jerry Brown is standing in the doorway of your security.

We now have a local officials and state officials refusing to obey federal immigration law, and that is why this girl died. This is now a threat to everyone walking the streets of San Francisco. So I say President Trump must do what President Eisenhower and Kennedy did and federalize the National Guard to take control of this city to enforce federal immigration law so another person doesn’t have to die pleading for help after being shot by another gang banger in San Francisco.

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