Don’t be a knee-jerk conservative

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President Trump announced Monday his plan to scale back two national monuments.

Unlike most of the so-called conservative voices, I am not happy about the greedy gangsters taking land that were in national monuments and giving it to the loggers, the miners, and the hunters.

Will we wake up tomorrow and hear that Donald Trump has decided that the land that Teddy Roosevelt put aside for National Parks should be given over to miners, loggers, and joggers?

I wouldn’t be happy about that anymore than I was happy about people bringing in elephant heads or elephant tusks or lion paws or gorilla paws.

No, my friends, there comes a time when you have to start thinking on your own and not just being a knee jerk conservative or republican. No, this is not a good thing; it’s a terrible thing. It’s a terrible precedent.

Furthermore, Zinke who approved of bringing in elephant trophies and lion trophies is seen there, smiling with all the other gangsters chanting ‘Four more years!” after he signed the National Monument proclamation.

It’s unbelievable to me. I warned in both in Trump’s War and I do in God, Faith, and Reason that we must not roll back every environmental protection put in place by Clinton and Obama. It would be a disastrous mistake to do so. If that is going to be the legacy of Trump than I’m gone; I’m out of there. I cannot sit there like a knee-jerk fool and say, “Since Obama did it, it’s no good.Therefore, he’s undoing it.”

This is the greatest rollback of a land-use situation in something like 70 years. If the free market means unearthing Native American tombs, if the free market means blowing up sacred lands, if the free market means raping the land, then my friends, there’s something wrong with the free market. Let me remind you of something else: There’s no such thing as a free lunch nor of the free market.

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