He or she actually embrace or celebrates the holiday as an American tradition.

Speaks more than 50 words of English

Served in the Military

Salutes the flag

Stands for the National Anthem and puts hand over heart

Married to a person of the opposite sex and has children

Was once a boy scout

Grandfather fought in WW II to defeat the Nazis

Great Grandfather fought in WW I

Great, Great, Great Grandfather fought in the Civil War to free the slaves

Would run into a burning building to save a child

Believes in a nation’s borders

Celebrates the nation’s culture

Thinks the national language should be the one that’s been spoken for over 200 years

Owns at least one firearm

Loves and worships God

Attends religious services regularly

Says a prayer before eating a meal

Has a job

Able to hold conversation with someone with a different opinion without running out of the room crying “racist!”

Remembers the words to the pledge of allegiance, using “under God”

Can name more than 1 person they knew who served in military

Loves his or her mother

Drinks beer

Opens the door for a woman

Pulls a seat out so a woman can sit

Knows the words to God Bless America

Is NOT constantly ‘triggered’

Actually pays taxes

Doesn’t have on a black mask while holding a melee weapon

Isn’t in a safe space

Prefers the stars and stripes over a hammer and sickle

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