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Welcome back to the Savage Nation. In a minute we’ll get back to all of the hot stuff of the day, including Hollywood actors in World War II and Korea compared with the characters that we have today. How did I phrase it? Well, you’ll figure it out a little later.

But it’s pretty horrible to see what they become today, compared to Jimmy Stewart, who enlisted in the World War II. He was a commander … Actually, he was a b-24 … He received the DFC as deputy commander of the second bombardment wing. This was an actor. But many other actors, Henry Fonda, Bronze Star for valor. Glenn Ford … I’ll read them in a minute.

Now, compare them to the actors of today, and they’re stabbing our troops and police in America in the back. How did that happen in one generation? I was trying to compare what’s going on in Hollywood today with their anti-Trump, anti-America, anti-police, anti-military, anti-gun mentality to those of World War II.

You look back in World War II, the guys that I grew up with, one of my favorite actors of all time was always Jimmy Stewart. Nicest man in the world. He always had a sweet persona. The man became commander of the 445th bombardment group.

Even Steven Spielberg’s father, by the way, if I’m not mistaken, was a B-24 pilot. Now look what Steven Spielberg has become. Okay, he’s done some movies that are quasi-patriotic.

Henry Fonda, U.S. Navy Bronze Star for Valor. Look what his children became. Look what they became. Take a look at them.

Lee Marvin, great man. U.S. Marines. Wounded in Saipan.

Jack Palance. Remember him? Tough guy? U.S. Army Air Corps, 455th bomb group. The man required facial reconstruction from terrible injuries received in 1943 when his B-17 crashed-landed in Britain.

Tyrone Power looked like a pretty guy, right? Well, U.S. Marine Corps pilot in the South Pacific, Tyrone Power. I mean, the guy was a beautiful … Right … Handsome movie star.

Eddie Albert. U.S. Navy.

James Arness. U.S. Army. Wounded on Anzio. Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

Sir Alec Guinness put his theater career on hold in 1939, joined the Royal Navy. He landed some 200 British soldiers on the beaches of Sicily during July ’43.

Clark Gable. Now, Clark Gable was a handsome guy, right? He insisted on enlisting. He ended up serving in five high-profile combat missions. He was honorably discharged as Captain Clark Gable after D-Day. He was awarded the Air Medal and the DFC, the distinguished flying cross. Now compare him to Tom Cruise, the fake heroes. Now, compare him to all the fake heroes in LA. All of them make believe they’re heroes, yet they spit on America. How is that possible?

Ed McMahon. Marine Corps flight instructor for two years.

Charles Bronson, one of my favorite. 1943, Bronson is drafted into the army air corps, where he started out working as a truck driver, but eventually became a tail gunner in a B-29. A tail gunner in a B-29. Perhaps the most dangerous position on a B-29 was the tail gunner. Charles Bronson.

Then David Niven. Very suave. Do you know that Niven, as suave as he looked in the movies, led a commando unit known as the phantom, which operated behind enemy lines after the Normandy invasion?

These were the real heroes. How have we gone from patriots to hateriots in one generation? How’s that for a turn of phrase? Can Ed Asner answer that? That asinine, fat buffoon? How have we gone from patriots to hateriots in one generation? The hollywood leftist trash of today has never been seen before. Every last one of them. It’s hard to believe the things that they are saying, not only about Trump, but the hatred that they put out.

I saw an article on the great Breitbart website, Hollywood rings in the new year hating Trump: Kick his behind in 2020. And who were they? There’s Rob Reiner, Meathead, a hateriot. We’ll call these one hateriots.

Then there’s the failed author, Stephen King. I call him a failed author, because he’s not really a literary author. He’s just a mystery writer. Yes, he made a lot of money, but he’s not really a literary figure. Why he hates people who are conservative is anyone’s guess. And that’s Stephen King, again, showing his true colors, which are all red.

Bette Midler. A has-been. We won’t even mention her. She’s a nobody.

Sicko director, Michael Moore, who endorsed the communist, Bernie Sanders, had something to say. So hateful. Michael Moore is a has-been, a nobody.

Judd Apatow. Now, he’s an interesting character. When he first appeared on the scene with his big slapstick comedy hits, he was fabulous. Why Judd Apatow has become such a hateriot in such a short period of time is anyone’s guess. My answer is, hmm, perhaps follow the money. Those who fund these movies are all left-wing fanatics for their own reasons. And there’s Judd Apatow. A shame, a shonda upon Judd Apatow.

Rosie O’Donnell. You know what she is. She belongs setting pins in a bowling alley in Topeka, Kansas, but there are no bowling alleys that would have her.

George Takei, never heard of him. I don’t know where he came from.

Jim Carrey, the most overrated comedian in history. Another hateriot.

Who was this one? Another one? I don’t know who they are. A West Wing actor, Bradley Whitford. Never heard of him.

Rosanna Arquette. Excuse me. She says, “Putin is not my president.” We know she’s low IQ. All she ever had was a good behind. That’s all Rosanna Arquette ever offered was a good derriere. There’s an old saying … I can’t say it because it’s a family show, but I’ve kind of hinted at it. It’s just sad what they become as they get older, and as their buttocks fall, so does their IQ.

Ron Perlman. I don’t know exactly who he is. Another one, “Russia, if you’re listening.” again, putting out the big lie about the Russia collusion.

Amber Tamblyn. Never heard of her. Billy Eichner. Never heard of him. Another one, another drunk from Hollywood in my opinion.

The Trump derangement syndrome in Hollywood seems to be going strong. And that is why I wrote, Stop Mass Hysteria: America’s Insanity from the Salem Witch Trials to the Trump Witch Hunt. I would like to give one out to every major studio head, but I know they don’t read. They don’t even read their own scripts, so what are they going to do, read a book? And so, that is why I say America has gone, especially in Hollywood, from patriots to hateriots in one generation. What do you think about that?