Did Ukraine or the USA Really Try To Assassinate Putin Or Is This A Russian False Flag? With Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis

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Questions loom as Russia claims that two Ukrainian drones flew into the very heart of Moscow under the cover of darkness, reaching the Kremlin before they were shot down at the last minute. Were the Ukrainians responsible? Possibly a Russian False Flag? Or worse, could the US be behind the attack? Savage speaks with Retired Lt. Col. Robert L. Maginnis, author of the forthcoming book Divided We Stand, to discuss what comes next as tensions escalate in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Could retaliation include use of nuclear weapons? What happened to the Russian Winter Offensive? Might we witness retribution for Zelesnky dismissing Xi Jinping? How is the FBI colluding with Ukraine to shut down “disinformation”?  Maginnis warns how Biden is using this war to transform America as the military industrial complex is alive and well.

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