DANCE MACABRE Sick vid shows dancing nurses carrying ‘corpse’ of coronavirus victim as they copy TikTok pallbearers meme

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The U.S. Sun:

A VIDEO posted on TikTok that shows four nurses carrying a fake coronavirus corpse has been slammed for making fun of the victims of the disease.

The video shows four people wearing nurse uniforms carrying a fifth individual in a plastic bag, with COVID 19 written on the feet.

The clip is a reference to the popular dancing Ghanaian pallbearers meme, which is based on a real company in Ghana that carries coffins while dancing.

Many social media users reacted with anger over the clip.

“Are they trying to make people hate them?”, one Twitter user asked.

“This *literally* might be the single most tasteless thing I have seen all year… and 2020 has been horrendous,” Tripp Whitbeck wrote.

“Pls take tiktok away from nurses, they’re clearly VERY overwhelmed,”

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