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Known to millions for his signature style, Savage gives his raw take on the news of the day. Then, switching to the spiritual, he asks, “Where is God?” Why Biden has commenced chaos on America and the world; funding war as Ukrainians suffer and die. Biden supports the puppet Zelensky who is controlled by the Nazi Azov Battalion. Why is Hollywood behind inept Biden? The media is complicit in our demise as they perpetuate lies. George Soros is the Rasputin of America. People are tuning out the news. Is God judging America? How can we survive? Savage turns to the Bible for healing and strength. Without God we would be in worse shape. He explains that despite his sins, God led the life of King David to establish his eternal dynasty. Despite our own sins, God can lead us to establish his eternal order. He shares the words of Jeremiah The Prophet and an incredible story about a rabbi who was spared by a God-fearing Bolshevik. Like the prophets of old, Savage delivers a stirring rebuke of the wicked rulers of our day.

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