August 6, 1945: Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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This may be perhaps one of the most significant dates in human history, yet no other talk-show host asked the simple question about August 6th, 1945.

Ladies and gentlemen, on August 6th, 1945 the United States of America dropped the first of two atomic bombs on the nation of Japan. The first bomb obliterated most of Hiroshima. It vaporized many of the residents of the city.

To this day there is a controversy as to whether or not the first or the second bomb was necessary to end the war. Today, on The Savage Nation, being “Little Boy’s” anniversary, I’m going to ask you this question: Was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima to end World War II justified?

Are we justified in taking lives to save lives? Would the Japanese have surrendered anyway?

There are many young listeners to this program who must understand what happened on August 6th, 1945. They also have to understand that there is a press blackout of this most significant date. How come you didn’t see it in any newspaper?

When I woke up this morning as I normally do like a resident of Shanghai, China, I walk out into my driveway in pajamas, bleary-eyed, let the dog run onto the neighbor’s lawn and urinate on the neighbor’s lawn while I pick up my papers. And I said, ‘Well, I have the New York Times waiting, I have the Chronicle waiting, I have The Wall Street Journal, etc. Let’s see if any of the people in these newspapers even know what August 6 represents?’ I searched and I searched – second cup of coffee – searching, searching, searching…Not one mention, not even a byline, not even a one-liner.

I saw a penis shriveling in Nigeria from witchcraft but not one mention. Even the Liberals who hate atomic war and I hate atomic war, but let’s be honest, whether you’re for atomic war or against it, this is one of the most significant dates in human history. Why is it being blacked out by the press?

That’s the part that I can’t understand. You’d think that the Liberals would at least take August 6th and use the date to excoriate the United States of America once again. At least they would excoriate the US military once again. At least they could excoriate the white male for saving the world from worldwide fascism once again. At least they could bash the Eddie’s who gave their lives to defeat Hitler and Hirohito and destroy them and say that they really weren’t good for saving the world from fascism and that all the black and brown people of the earth would be slaves today.

They could have done that, couldn’t they? But they didn’t even do that. I don’t even understand why.

Were we justified in dropping the first bomb on Hiroshima? If we were justified at all in dropping the first bomb, were we justified in dropping the second bomb on Nagasaki? One of the most horrific days in the human history, was it necessary?

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