Alex Jones tells Savage: Left using ‘deplatforming’ tactics to silence conservatives, steal midterms

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InfoWars chief Alex Jones said he is the “beta test” of a “deplatforming” campaign by major tech companies which are aiming to “steal the midterms” for Democrats.

In an interview on Michael Savage’s radio show, Jones said that Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge first warned of the “deplatforming” that the tech firms are using to target him.

Jones saw his voice slashed or eliminated this week on Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Spotify.

“They are making their move, ahead of these elections to fully deplatform people, to put people literally in these unpersoned, depersoned ‘1984’ really electronic ghettos that Matt Drudge years ago warned about,” Jones said on the Savage Nation program.

Jones said that, in silencing conservative voices, the Left is working from a blueprint drawn up in the Senate to take over the Internet.

“They are coming for the First Amendment,” he told Savage.

“They are using me as an example of deplatforming,” Jones said. “They are killing us, they are dialing us back.”

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