PJ MEDIA – An Upside-Down World of Savage Heroes and Clergy Villains: Rabbi Michael Barclay

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We all know the world is upside down, with righteous actions being considered evil, and evil players being treated like heroes. It is demonstrable in every arena, and the actions of a few over this past week show this sad fact clearly in so many ways.

With Hamas attacking Israel with thousands of rockets (thanks to Joe Biden and Iran), this craziness has become even more extreme. While the Palestinians use children as human shields, Israel lets Palestinian civilians know about attacks on munition repositories hours in advance so they can evacuate. What other nation in the world’s history has ever been so protective of its enemies? The Israelis care more for Palestinian citizens than Hamas does, and while the Palestinians are expressive about not caring if their children die, Israel accepts injured Palestinians into hospitals and aids in their healing.

And yet it is the Israelis that the world attacks as evil. And anti-Semitic attacks on Jews are prevalent in cities like Los Angeles, where thugs dressed as Palestinians attacked and beat up Jewish diners in an upscale restaurant.

The upside-down quality of the world can be easily seen in the actions of a few individuals during this tumultuous past week.

Typically, we rely on clergy to be the moral compasses of communities. We trust them to be spiritual leaders committed to righteousness. But in the Jewish world, as an example, this week has shown the exact opposite.

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