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Premise: The Left hates the Right. The Right has zero respect for the Left.


The answers to these and other questions have roots that go back some 3,000 years and beyond, to the Greeks; to the Romans; to Original Sin: and therein lie answers to questions vexing modern politics today.

First, let us address the current state of affairs, which is that the Left, the liberals, the progressives, the Democrats . . . whatever you want to call these people, they do not merely hate or despise or loathe Donald Trump and the conservatives, rather they are driven absolutely bat-crazy bananas out of their cotton-pickin’ minds, above and beyond all previous concept of reason or rationale . . . by Donald Trump.

They have long tended toward these passions, perhaps going back to the Civil War when the Democrats represented the Confederacy, and they looked for all intents and purposes to be the losers of history.

Or going back to McCarthyism and the Blacklist, which has never really made any sense anyway. Why is that any association with the Nazis was automatic expulsion from decent society, while association with the Communists, who murdered 10 times more people than the Nazis, found some strange favor in liberal circles?

Then there was Vietnam, when a whole generation of young realized they did not have the right stuff their fathers had in beating . . . the Nazis, and therefore tried to spread the lie that somehow their fathers were not really heroes or heroic in the first place . . . for beating the Nazis.

(It is also curious how the Left attaches the label “Nazi” to the Right, as if Adolph Hitler advocated rugged self-individualism and small government that stayed off people’s backs . . . like the Right.)

The hand of Soros

But for purposes of studying the current psychosis it is instructive to look at the year 2008. Obviously, this is the year Barack Hussein Obama was elected President of the United States. If ever a man like Obama was in the right place at the right time to get elected, it was in the peculiar window that existed between September 15, 2008 and Election Day.

Prior to September 15, there were indicators favorable to a Democratic, but no guarantees. The Iraq War was undoubtedly unpopular, but in fact was by the fall of 2008 an American victory, which in the context of the American media does not mean it seeped into the mass consciousness of the public any more than the Tex Offensive – a series of military victories won by the U.S. over the North Vietnamese regulars and Viet Cong – had been portrayed as what it was, instead of what Walter Cronkite wanted you to think it was. General David Petraeus’s “Surge” did indeed win the Iraq War, setting up the semi-free, semi-autonomous, semi-friendly government in Iraq today. This did not stop Hillary Clinton from exhorting the lie that his victory required a “suspension of disbelief” to believe what he had in fact achieved, or stopped the New York Times from dripping bile in the form of a headline attempting to get people to believe the lie that “Petraeus” and “betray us” where somehow one and the same.

It wasn’t. But it was enough to make a two-term President, George W. Bush, who thought it somehow unseemly to defend himself, to be unpopular. So the Republicans did what they always do when they seemed to want to lose, and that was to nominate a moderate, John McCain. Maybe now was the time for a moderate, the Republicans tried to convince themselves.

On paper it was Lombardi’s Packers vs. the 1966 Miami Dolphins. God seemed to come down from Heaven and bestow defeat on a woman seemingly His enemy on the Earth, Hillary Clinton. The Right was not prepared for the possibility that Satan had a handpicked favorite to take her place. Yes, back then – and now in some circles – the possibility that Barack Obama was the anti-Christ carried a certain amount of logic to it.

But McCain could not be beaten. Could he? Annapolis, fighter pilot, scion of military legends, Vietnam hero, maverick man of integrity. You put all the right characteristics into a computer model and out comes McCain, right? And his opponent? Well, had he tried out for the FBI, the CIA, the military, the Naval Academy, a job at the State Department or the local police department, he would have been flagged and disallowed because of radical associations. He modeled his career on a Communist who in print lauded Lucifer. His “preacher” told his flock America was “damned to hell.” His political mentor had tried to blow up the Pentagon and some police cars, which in the past earned said somebody a life behind bars instead of being able to not just “walk around,” but to do so as a tenured college professor.

In this last bit of utter nonsense do we begin to understand where the world is today, and why in such a world victory by the likes of Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright, and Bill Ayers has not come, and instead squares and patriots and capitalists actually win elections.

Man, this drives them nuts.

But back to September of 2008. It still held logically that the “community organizer” who used that cover as a race extortionist, who had been allowed by the media to get away with the lie that Ayers was merely “a guuuuy who lives in my neighborhood” . . . well this is America, and Americans don’t go for this kind of horse manure, right? Right?

Then along came Sarah Palin, and by September 15 the McCain-Palin ticket was up by eight points, and the good Christian conservatives just figured it was God protecting the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Then came the “October Surprise” to beat all “September Surprises,” and this is also one of those events that plays out in plain sight and seems almost too obvious not to be a conspiracy, but of course CNN and the rest of the Obamanationistas had no desire to study or ask questions about, or puzzle over it.

This of course was the sub-prime mortgage crisis, which in fact was the fault of Bill Clinton and Barney Frank, not George Bush or capitalism, the timing of which seems so incredible that only somebody like, oh, I don’t know, George Soros could have pulled it off, as he did in destroying the British pound in like manner. Again, we were told there is nothing to see here and of course Hollywood made a movie about it, using quick cuts and snap phraseologies that spun the head and the screen so fast you cannot follow the “logic,” which was to attempt to tell the untruth that the fault was not with Clinton, Frank, or “poor people,” but somehow was laid on the foot of capitalism even though there is little evidence of capitalism ever letting it happen before this, or after this.

But it was enough for Obama’s victory, so let’s not spoil political correctness with a conspiracy theory about some outside entity like Soros trying to affect an election.

That can’t happen, can it? This is America. We are too big for that. But for the purposes of this thesis, forget Soros and assume Obama won fair and square, which plays into the narrative theme more perfectly anyway.

“Winners of history”

We will even overlook the fact that Mitt Romney was up by eight in the Gallup poll in mid-October 2012 only to lose. That is another story. The story being told here concerns the psychology of victory and revenge sweeping America as a result of Obama’s victory. You see, what his supporters believed as a result of this was that it meant their side was the winner of history. Since history is apparently not taught even to history majors anymore except at Hillsdale College and the military academies, these people had little frame of reference, such as the idea that history had been won by Abraham Lincoln (1864), by Teddy Roosevelt (1904), by Herbert Hoover (1928), by Franklin Roosevelt (1932), by Dwight Eisenhower (1952), by Lyndon Johnson (1964), by Richard Nixon (1972), by Jimmy Carter (1976), by Ronald Reagan (1984), and by Bill Clinton (1992). Heck, a political scientist named Frances Fukuyama even went so far as to declare the “end of history” when George H.W. Bush beat Saddam Hussein (1991).

Would anybody have asked Lyndon Johnson in 1968 whether his victory in 1964 made him the winner of history? Of course the others all experienced their own form of sic transit Gloria (this used to be taught in school), but these lessons fell on deaf ears of the Left, American and international alike.

Which brings us to Obama and the Greek failings of hubris, another word of history not taught to our uneducated texters, which is why when they engaged in it to the point of losing all they won, they were dumbfounded by it. This is what happens when one party and one ideology (Democrats/liberalism) have all the seeming advantages in the form of public education; elite academia; the mainstream media; Silicon Valley; the comedy world; the artistic professions; the city of Washington and suburbs of northern Virginia; socialistic Europe; and the vast underclasses kept low by the Democrats, enslaved to live off its crumbs.

God’s Chosen People . . . and His enemies

But a search of a funny little tome called the Old Testamanent allows us to see why all these advantages range from being disadvantages to not enough to push them over the top. Their not reading, understanding or caring about the Old and New Testaments is one of the great advantages of the Right, who do care about it.

In short the Old Testament tells a constant tale over thousands of years of one people (the Jews) who are literally identified as His Chosen People. Then it tells the tale of various other people (call them the Egyptians, the Philistines, and then their off-spring, the Muslims) whom God literally identifies as His enemies! To prove it, He seemingly comes down from Heaven and makes miracles happen that favor and help his Chosen People defeat His enemies in battles time after time, until what the Book of Revelation says must happen to precede Christ’s return becomes an actual thing that has happened (Israel, 1948). Now if one happens to be one of those identified as His enemy, that person really has only one choice, which is to realize “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” and become a Jew/Christian, or to engage in centuries of useless warfare resulting in endless heartache and recrimination (the history of the a world in which Satan is its dark prince).

Now of course to the atheist and the elite intellectual this is all gibberish it seems, but of course that is what the various losers of history have always said. For purposes of understanding the current situation, it helps explains why the Left in ascendance under Obama managed to lose to a selfish, narcissistic, boorish, oft-lying, corrupt and infinitely flawed businessman from Queens.

“Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh”

Obama won the White House in 2008, with it the House of Representatives and, after stealing Minnesota, the U.S. Senate with 60 votes. He was the king of the world. “Joe the plumber” endorsed McCain. Pundits said that capitalism was dead, and Socialism would replace it. George W. Bush, God bless him, seemed to jumpstart this notion with a useless “stimulus plan” before he left town, in so doing stating that he knew he was going against all the economic notions he and his father, a economy major at Yale, had ever believed in. Obama them one-upped him with a second, more useless “stimulus plan,” which put the United States $1 trillion further into debt overnight.

In the mean time, Hussein Obama gathered the best thinkers of conservatism around and ordered them to “stop listening to Rush Limbaugh” anymore. They all nodded their heads. Next on the agenda: reinstate the “fairness doctrine.” Then he nationalized and socialized the auto industry and the health industry. Foreign capitols, the media, Hollywood and everyone cheered him while conservatism withered, not wanting to be accused of racism.

A history of treason?

Americans and foreigners of liberal stripe adored Obama when he traveled to exotic lands and trashed America. Then he gave $150 billion, including $1.7 billion in cash in the manner of Meyer Lansky paying off “rum runners,” to our sworn enemy Iran.

All things considered, between taking us from $10 trillion to $20 trillion in debt, spending more money than all governments combined since the birth of Christ; apologizing for America; pursuing the aims of our biggest enemies and turning against our best friends (Israel); it could easily be said that between 2009 and 2017, if one were to imagine a man, call him the Yuri character from No Way Out, who is born and bred since birth to be a plant, a traitor, an enemy of America working for, just to name a couple possibilities with similar interests – Russia, political Islam – that person would simply do what Obama actually did in real life!

This brings up an amazing conundrum, which is that the biggest crimes take place, as Adolph Hitler once said, right in front of our eyes, in plain sight. What is even more disturbing is the idea that neither Obama nor the American Left are actually Russian spies or Muslim Brotherhood moles, but instead are actually citizens of this country who on their own, of their own free will, commit these acts of treason not on the orders of foreign powers, but because that is what their politics are now.

But even more disturbing is the fact that this is by no means a new thing. Who were the Confederates of the Civil War, the anarchists of World War I, top advisors to FDR during World War II (the Venona Papers, unearthed after the fall of the U.S.S.R., revealed numerous paid Soviet spies in the Oval Office), the Rosenbergs, the Hollywood 10, the anti-war protestors, the “no nukes” demonstrators, the Clintons selling technology to China allowing them to deliver missiles not into the Pacific Ocean but to Chicago, and then of course Obama?

Are these people patriots? No, they are not. Democrats all.

So along comes Obama, and suddenly we find ourselves living in a world in which all they stand for is suddenly held up as the new normal, the new majority, the New Man as the Soviets or the Nazis called themselves.

Within a few short years gay marriage, open borders, trans-gender bathrooms, queer military units, and other kookiness of the Far Left goes from underground to government policy. Skepticism of “global warming” is criminalized. With that comes rejection of American glory, American traditions, American Exceptionalism.

Lessons of Western Civilization

But this comes with a problem. The first is that a study of the classics tells us that there is actually nothing new under the sun. Human nature was the same during the age of Thucydides as it is in the age of David Petraeus. Man is violent, sinful, racist, greedy, filled with lust. Man is not perfectible, as Plato thought he might be. A “professional political class,” embodied by the European elites, the U.N., and the American “deep state,” is no more capable of making all our decisions for us than the Greeks and the Romans who failed to maintain a democracy or a Republic, or by the likes of Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse-tung and the other totalitarians who told us man wants not freedom but security.

Then there comes the most disturbing fact of all for the liberals, which is that most likely 90 percent of the greatest people in all of world history; the people who invented things, won wars, formed nations, gave us the art, the technologies, the many and varied things that make life better, were white men who either did not care much about black people, or openly disliked them. In some cases they even owned them.

Now you have a real problem, because these people have statues, universities, public buildings and a million other monuments named after them spread from one end of the globe to the other.

Leftist propaganda

So what do you do about this? Well you do what Hitler and Joseph Stalin did. You burn their books, you revise history, you rehabilitate a few chosen “progressives” who might have been gay or martyred in the cause of social justice and call them heroes. You ban the progeny of the old heroes from speaking at college campuses. You teach school children to worship at the altar of “global warming” and Martin Luther King, being careful to avoid mention of the fact Dr. King was a Republican.

You bring back the old, tired, failed Socialism that never worked anywhere, but call it something else. Communism. Socialism. Liberalism. Progressivism. Social justice. Democratic Socialism. What the likes of Alexandra Octavio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are proposing now will be shown to be a failure, as Obamacare quickly was, in short order, and then the Left will invent a new moniker.

During Obama’s eight years we were told that the old ways, i.e., the success of capitalism, was no longer viable, this being the excuse for Obama’s failure to ignite the economy. This of course was proven a lie in record time by Donald Trump when he instituted a few time-honored conservative principles and, by natural construct, America’s great economy returned. In addition, of course, we were told that Islamic jihad was some kind of new grievance to be lived with when Obama allowed all the victories of George W. Bush to be turned into defeats by the Islamic State, only to be turned back into victories by Trump. This would be like Wendell Willkie defeating Adolph Hitler, Franklin Roosevelt allowing the Nazis to win, then Tom Dewey finally defeating Hitler.

As it happened, all that was necessary was to remain vigilant. That is, for instance when Benghazi is attacked, the President fights back instead of doing blow with Beyonce and Jay-Z . . . or whatever Obama was doing to him. Or the President stands with our friends in the Middle East instead of letting Hosni Mubarak get ousted in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, or letting Muammar Gaddafi get killed as punishment for discontinuing his nuclear weapons program as a result of George W. Bush’s policies.

Communism is still the enemy

This is all part of a larger treason, which has been conspiratorially conjectured to be part of this odd Communist plot going back decades, which it seems logical involved both Obama and John Brennan, possibly controlled by the KGB handler Vladimir Putin. How else to explain that a President who could never pass a background check installs as CIA director a man not merely sympathetic to Communism, or accommodating to Communism, but an actual Communist. As in an actual thing in real life. As Casey Stengel once said, “You can look it up.”

But hey, this is the Democrat Party. How impressive they are. Consider Watergate, when the Inspector Javert-style quest to destroy the anti-Communist Richard Nixon gave Ted Kennedy enough power to deny funds to the South Vietnamese Army, which means Mr. Kennedy is largely responsible for the 1 million dead when North Vietnam invaded Saigon, not to mention the 1.5 million killed by the Khmer Rouge. But hey, the New York Times can just blame Henry Kissinger for Pol Pot, so let’s move on . . . a decade later when Ronald Reagan was trying to destroy the last vestiges of international Communism, the way Donald Trump just destroyed the Islamic State, only to be banned from doing so by the Boland Amendment. You want treason? Here is treason. Senator Kennedy went to the KGB and colluded with them to defeat Reagan. Big hero of the Democrats.

Truth and obsession

All of this points to an immutable fact, which is that Truth with a capital T is not a friend of the Kennedys, the Clintons, the Obamas, or any of these Democrats, then or now. Is there really a Satan involving himself in the affairs of man, and is her preferred political party the Democrats?

If there is, then is it possible there is a God who has chosen a strange narcissistic white man, of questionable moral character, an adulterer, a man of money, to save this great nation? This is the same God who chose a murderous persecutor, a tax collector, an adulterer king, and numerous other flawed, sinful men to do His good work.

Of course, if you are an atheistic, all this sounds like nonsense.

It isn’t.

Anybody who has ever read Moby Dick can tell you about obsession, and the Right is as prone to this human trait as much as any other . . . human beings. It certainly helps explain Nixon and Watergate, but it also helps explain the endless desire to get those Clintons.

Before getting into this, it is important to again assert the role of God in these kinds of things. Take for instance the case of John Edwards. Handsome, articulate, wealthy, liberal, Democrat rising star, he was utterly humiliated in public. Only a believer, and then perhaps only a Christian, can understand that this was the best thing that could have happened to him, for it is far better to be punished in this life than in the next. In this life there is still the hope of forgiveness and salvation. If punished in the next, there is no hope, no forgiveness, and no salvation. The liar Jussie Smollett would do well to consider this before allowing himself to get off scotch free for his crimes. Which brings us to the Clintons.

“Clinton body count”

Roughly from the late 1970s to the early 1990s – some think a young aide likely murdered for exposing the Clinton email scandal in recent years should be added to this list – an incredible number of human beings who had close association with the Clintons died mysterious deaths. It came to be known as the “Clinton body count.”

Depending on who is counting, this numbers over 100 people. Perhaps some of these are explainable accidents or people who just had heart attacks, but a study of any actuarial table reveals there is virtually no chance they “just died” and that the Clintons were not involved in some way. Female lovers of Bill and lesbian lovers of Hillary; drug associates of the Clintons and his brother Roger; state troopers; blackmailers; people who knew too much . . . the list is not endless, it just seems that way.

Why did they get away with all this? Most likely because Bill Clinton worked with Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Oliver North to build a runway in Mena, Arkansas when he was Governor, allowing the CIA to run guns and money to the Contras fighting Communism in Central America. It allowed him to siphon millions for himself and gave him the ultimate “get out of jail free card.”

The Republicans certainly knew all this stuff. It was common knowledge, especially in Arkansas, but they were frustrated at the lack of ability to use the information, so they had to go after these clowns with penny-ante stuff like Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky.

This was why the Right went after the Clintons. The GOP lost in the 1998 Congressional midterms, but won the Presidency in 2000 and 2004, while adding House and Senate seats in record fashion. The fact it ultimately paid off at the polls is because their accusations had merit, known by many.

Obama’s failed effort

Perhaps Barack “Dumbo” Obama thought he could draw the Republicans in and force them into a similarly obsessive act of self-inflicted wounds with his questionable birth certificate. It seems he may have let the short-form, unverified birth certificate circulate into public, along with contrasting stories about a wing of the Honolulu hospital he was supposedly born in that was not built yet when he was born, among other discrepancies. Why? He wanted the conservatives to say awful racist things about him so he could just hold that up to the media and say, “See, this is what I have to deal with.”

The racist things Obama wanted the Right to utter were never uttered by people of the Right. Ultimately, this tactic succeeded for him about as well as Saddam Hussein wanting to let the CIA think he had weapons of mass destruction so he could stand up to the West like a modern Saladin. How did that work out for him? See: Operation Red Dawn. As for Obama, Trump questioned the birth certificate and was rewarded by America with the White House.

Stupid things Democrats say

Which brings us to Trump. There are two twin pillars of corruption at play here. The first is the general derangement syndrome that resembled the Democrat mindset toward Joseph McCarthy, Nixon/Watergate, Reagan/Iran Contra, and Bush/War on Terror. In all these cases, boiled down to its simplest elements, if a Republican was doing things beneficial for America, the Democrats opposed it. One might have to go back to William Jennings Bryan to find the last truly patriotic Democrat.

So the effort to “get Trump” in any way they could is not surprising. In fact it just exists as the thing that is known and must be factored into any GOP strategies in our lifetime, like a good market analyst “baking in” economic ups and downs into stock market predictions.

The accusations of racism and taunts of “Nazi” or “fascist” deserve nothing more than a glance at the clock, in order to determine what time on that day the argument was won by the Republicans over the Democrats. These “stupid things Democrats say,” which is increasingly all they ever say, are the last vestiges of a desperate party that is not allied with Truth or Righteousness.

But this is not new, and only half explains the current, now-failed effort to nail Trump and all associated with Trump in order to gain politically.

The “deep state”

The rest is far more sinister. Fox News, led by Sean Hannity, Sara Carter, and Greg Jarrett; on talk radio Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh – all the enemies of the Left who they say are liars but are really Truth-tellers – have uncovered the worst political scandal in American history. This is saying something, considering most of Roosevelt’s top people were Soviet agents; the Vietnam anti-war movement was largely funded by Communists; John Kennedy stole the 1960 election; JFK and Lyndon Johnson wiretapped political opponents and used the IRS to destroy enemies (a tactic blatantly done also by Obama, but only threatened but never actually done by Nixon); and the Clintons happily gave Red China the technology they needed to use nukes against us.

Obama created a “deep state” of liberal Democrats. It has been there at least since the Great Society (Nixon tried to destroy it but Watergate stopped that) but was weaponized in 2009 when during a terrible recession on his watch, it was determined the zip codes with the highest incomes in the U.S. were in the northern Virginia suburbs where all these people lived. The sheer amount of corruption, theft and criminality needed in order to pay all these people off is, actually, quite impressive. If such a tremendous act of undercover work could actually be done to benefit the nation, it would be up there with Reagan’s covert annihilation of the Soviets in Afghanistan.

The media did not merely play along, they were complicit in all of it. Over the course of eight years, Obama consistently did baffling things, the motivation of which can only be explained as a treasonous desire to hurt the country he was entrusted with serving. The only explanation as to why the Democrats and the mainstream “fake news” media cheered all of this on is the awful, depressing realization that what was once treason is now just the every day politics practiced by the Left.

But the overall goal here was to create a “deep state” collusion between the Democrats, the bureaucracies and the media that would create a permanent Left-wing majority, Obama’s ultimate “accomplishment.” His doubling the national debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion in a few short years was meant to destroy the economy once and for all. That would be used as the “excuse” to state the lie that capitalism was dead, and only “Democratic Socialism” was the way forward in a new history ruled by a New Man.

The KGB had been planning this for decades. Many theorize that the 1987 stock market crash was the result of this effort, only to have free market capitalism unleashed by Reagan spur a surge on the market that had it back above the October 1987 lows within months.

Not unlike the way Donald Trump did the same thing with the American economy in 2017-19. The Left lie and cheat; the conservatives just go forth and produce excellence. Which is why the righteous are not of the Left.

Obviously, the Democrats can never defeat the Republicans by doing great things that help America like winning wars, destroying terrorist caliphates, having great economies, and freeing people to be great. So like the boy who refuses to admit his war hero father was a hero and instead says he was a racist and a corrupt businessman, the Democrats must criminalize the Republicans.

Infiltration of the FBI

How do you do this? You infiltrate the FBI, like the way the Soviets infiltrated the Oval Office under FDR, as outlined in the Venona Papers. You do so with a media that looks the other way and call the few journalists who expose it liars. Racists. “MAGA hat zenophobes.”

Those kinds of lies.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, here was a woman who broke enough criminal laws to land she and her husband hard prison time for decades, but Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch just called it “a matter.” A payoff of some kind is made, and James Comey, after painstakingly detailing just why Hillary committed crimes, then indicts no crimes.

Why? Because Hillary was going to win. She was expected to win, and everybody knows what happens to people who oppose the Clintons when the Clintons ascend to power.

Again: the “Clinton body count.” Maybe murdering FBI agents is harder to do today than killing off a few state troopers and drug floozies in Arkansas, but there are many ways to skin a cat. They know all of them.

Any great conspiracy really only requires a few people in on it and in the know. We know their names. John Brennan, who voted Communist once. Loretta Lynch and James Clapper; Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Andrew McCabe, Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS. The whole cast and crew and all their dirty deeds have been documented over and over. The information needed to know the Truth is freely available in America.

They would not indict Hillary because they wanted her to win, but more important, they expected her to win and they wanted to be on her good side. An “insurance policy” was put in place just in case Trump won. That “insurance policy” is what has happened for two years.

Trump beats them at their own game

They did not realize who they were dealing with. Trump is a fighter who relishes a street brawl. He enjoyed fighting, and finally beating, the Democrats at their own game. In past years, the Republican Party was like the Winklevoss twins depicted in The Social Network. When Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for Facebook, instead of fighting initially back one of them said a lawsuit was not in order because “we’re gentlemen of Harvard.”

For decades, at least since FDR, the Democrats have lied, cheated, besmirched and impugned the Republicans. The Republican reaction, for the most part, was to react like the Bush family: county club pinstripers who were above such indecencies. Truth and belief in a just God would protect them. In the mean time rotten people like the Kennedys, the Clintons and the Obamas rose to power, chipping away at the moral decency of America. Even Watergate proves the point; the Republicans are so bad at criminality they cannot shoot straight. It is the Democrats who have it down to a science.

At first, after campaigning before huge crowds chanting, “Lock her up,” Trump tried benevolence. “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons,” he said, as if this would engender decency from the Clintons or anybody else on the Left.

It did not.

The politics of evil

Which leads one to wonder who other than Trump could have withstood the bombardments of the last two years. He most likely was the only man who could. He relished the fight and beat the Democrats using all their old methods. In so doing, Trump may have saved America. The jury is still out, but the alternative is too horrendous to contemplate.

If the Left is the political ideology of the devil, then can it be said that Trump, chosen as an unlikely vessel of God Himself, literally was too strong for Satan to defeat?

Trump beat the devil.

If Trump beat the devil, then it stands to reason that he will continue to win, and most likely with coattails. He may have begun an ascendant 21st Century GOP. The Democrats, mostly through self-destruction, may phase out over the next decades. The future may be the independents becoming Republicans and establishing a permanent majority. Never forget, the fact the Left’s accusations lack merit is the well-known thing that is known by people. For this reason, one of the GOP’s greatest assets is the Democrat Party itself. Their overreach reminds the educated and knowledgeable of a scene from All the President’s Men. Robert Redford as Bob Woodward meets Hal Holbrooke as “Deep Throat”/Mark Felt in a D.C. parking garage.

As we later discovered Felt helped Woodward because he was a partisan Democrat who hated the fact Nixon did not make him FBI director. In the scene he admonishes Woodward for getting the facts wrong about H.R. Haldeman, and thus engendering sympathy for Nixon’s iron chief of staff. This was something he felt not possible.

In the case of Watergate, there were some crimes committed by the Republicans, albeit more of what the Kennedy’s and LBJ had been doing, but that is a story for another day. Eventually Haldeman, Nixon and the rest were held to account, which seems to happen to Republicans while Democrats just skate by.

These glory days of yesteryear still drive the Democrats, who yearn for a return to Watergate and Vietnam so they can marshal another protest movement, but as the Mueller report proves the crimes of Trump do not exist. This time, the “sympathy for Haldeman” Mark Felt lamented, manifested as “sympathy for Trump.”

Sympathy for Trump? He is a hard kind to feel sorry for, but this is a big, winning hand for him heading into 2020.

But this still does not entirely explain the derangement of the Left. Obviously the very concept of a Trump Presidency was too horrible for them to contemplate, but this is the point. They really did not contemplate it. They actually did believe that they were, this time, finally, after all these years, all these battles; after the Blacklist and HUAC, after Vietnam and Reagan, after Iraq and Islamic jihad, after so much struggle, they were indeed the “winners of history.”

After decades of indoctrinating public school and college students, after decades of controlling the networks, the media, the New York Times and Washington Post, the movie industry and the comedy world and the culture, their world of gay marriage, abortion on demand, open borders, and immorality on a massive scale, was here to stay. All embodied by a bi-racial Hawaiian man, either a Muslim or at least favoring political Islam, who never experienced prejudice and was elevated by elite liberal society every step of the way. Never mind his “dumbo” ears got bigger every time his lies and false works could literally be seen drippin’ out of his filthy mouth. He was, as he told us, “the one we’ve been waiting for” (is this not vaguely Mephistophelian?).

Democrat dreams brought low . . . by Trump?

Now, finally, the double-whammy. All of it, all Obama and liberalism ever stood for, was destroyed in short order by this, this gauche, imprudent, oft-untruthful, crude New York businessman lording his money and his sluts and his lifestyle before all of the world, in a most un-Christian manner, yet here he was tearing down Obama’s world brick by brick, like King David after assuring the death of his lover’s husband, Saul, then saving Israel. A Biblical quandary come to life.

Would the Left be willing to see themselves as modern Philistines, identified by the deity as His enemies? No, they are not introspective or even religious enough to understand such philosophical theory. All they know was that after being assured they had won, they now stood naked, losers. But that was just the first whammy.

Obama and Hillary: “Did you really think you could fool a Corleone, Carlo?”

Here is the second whammy, the one waiting, like the sword of Damoclese, to come crashing down on them.

Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are in grave danger of going to jail.

After all is said and done, Attorney General William Barr is going to go after Obama and Hillary. As Trump stated back in 2017, Obama “wiretapped” him, which caused Trump to call him “a sick guy.”

Obama did what Nixon did in Watergate, and far worse. There are many to fall; the aforementioned Brennan, Clapper and the FBI midgets, but Obama will be the ultimate target.

Hillary may not skate. Her crimes are well detailed by James Comey, but forget not the “John Edwards theory.” God sees but waits. There will be a Judgment Day and the one in the next life is infinitely worse than the one in this one. Her best bet is a little jail time now. Can’t vouch for Bill.

But this explains why the Left went after Trump. Ultimately, it was to save Obama and the Clintons. All of their crimes would be hidden forever by a friendly Clinton Presidency. Even a Trump Presidency was not enough to bring about prosecution of the Obamas and Clintons. The country club Republicans were too gentlemanly for that kind of retribution. But now they have drawn blood, and Trump is not enough of a gentleman or benevolent enough a dictator to let it go unavenged, especially since they went after not just him, but his family.

“Did you really think you could fool a Corleone, Carlo?”

The Democrats have been exposed, and now their whole house of cards will come down, with Obama and Clinton falling farthest. All of it was done to protect them. Now they are criminally liable. There are plenty of angry, pissed off Republicans, enough to support Trump going after the Obamas, the Clintons, and all his enemies without mercy.

Evil never dies

If one thinks that the prosecution of the criminal Obamas, the murderous Clintons, the Communist Brennan, and the organizers of a “silent coup” in the FBI, will allow the GOP to ascend as the “winners of history,” amid a cascade of righteous indignation, think again.

The devil is still around. He loses on occasion but is never defeated. He still rules the world. America is still a land of 65 million abortions, gay marriage, homosexual glorification, Hollywood immorality on a massive scale, and unfettered porn. Sorry to end on a down note, but he will rise again. Only at the end of days will his false works be entirely renounced.

His will be done.

Steven Travers is a former screenwriter who has authored 30 books. A USC graduate, he played professional baseball, attended law school, worked in politics, served in the Army, and was a sports agent before finding his calling as a writer. He has written for the San Francisco Examiner, L.A. Times, StreetZebra and Gentry magazine. He lives in California and has one daughter, Elizabeth. He can be reached at USCSTEVE1@aol.com or on Twitter @STWRITES.

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