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So after the President said he was going to get us out of Afghanistan, he’s now changed his mind and has decided to ramp things up. Did you notice how happy Lindsay Graham was last night after the speech? The war machine has won.

What has happened is we’ve had a soft military coup. Steve Bannon is gone from the West Wing, and now the generals are free to run America. Each one of them will get their own war. One will get Afghanistan, one will get Ukraine and Russia, one will get South America to topple the dictator of Venezuela, and one will get the South China Sea to go after North Korea.

Always remember, generals are trained for war, not peace. That’s the instinct of a general, especially the older ones. And now they’ve taken over the government. War is what they want, it doesn’t matter what it costs. What will this do to our budget? The fiscal conservatives seem to have disappeared. The last I looked the country was bankrupt, 20 trillion in debt with much of it owed to our enemy China.

Trump said less war and more jobs. Well, it looks like that’s half true. There’ll be a building boom in the military industrial complex. Don’t get me wrong, if there’s a President who will go fight a war to actually defeat the enemy, Trump is the one who will. But can we do it? Our ships are crashing into tankers, four of them under the Trump administration. And remember what I wrote in “A Time for War” about the hacking of the SEALs helicopter?

This is what a soft military coup looks like. Not like what Castro pulled in Cuba by violently taking over the Batista government and throwing political opponents in jail or killing them. This was different. Our generals got a President who respects their power and told him they wanted to be a part of his team. Then, the next step was to get the voices away from him who would steer him clear of war. Goodbye Steve Bannon. Now they were free to push the agenda they know best. Fire up the war machine.

But Trump is a strong man, not someone who would let people push him around. So why would he make such a critical turn around on the Afghanistan policy. According to the NY Post, National security adviser HR McMaster used a 1972 photo of Afghan women wearing miniskirts to help convince President Trump to stay the course in Afghanistan. McMaster showed the president a black-and-white photograph of three women walking down a Kabul street in miniskirts to convince him that Western culture had once thrived in Afghanistan and could again, according to the paper. Does he really think if he liberates Afghanistan the mini skirt will be back? Then maybe they can get jobs at Fox News – Kabul Bureau?

Look, I know you may be getting upset with this criticism of Trump, but my job is not to appease the President. My job is not to be part of the Government Media Complex. My job is to be the media that TRIES to keep the government in line.

And in doing that job, I have to ask, why is he going to Phoenix today? Why does he continue to stir up the hornets’ nest after last week and last night? Is he going just because it was on a schedule? Well the world has changed since they made the plans for him. There is no reason for him to be in Phoenix to stir things up. And meanwhile the generals in his absence will continue to make their plans. He said last night his instincts told him to pull out of Afghanistan, but he was advised to up the ante. Well Mr. President, you got to be President by following your instincts. Now is not the time to desert them.

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