VIDEO – Hundreds gather in Sacramento, protesting California’s stay-at-home order

ABC 10 – Sacramento:

A large crowd gathered outside the California Capitol on the Saturday kicking off Memorial Day weekend to protest the state’s shutdown of businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The rally, dubbed Liberty Fest and hosted by the Freedom Angels, had over 700 people RSVP on Facebook. ABC10’s photographer estimated at least 1,000 people in attendance. The Freedom Angels Foundation has organized multiple protest rallies in California during state stay-at-home orders.

Few people wore masks and there was little room for social distancing on the sidewalk or closed-off street. Sacramento police said the group did not have a permit.

California Highway Patrol officers closed the Capitol lawn to demonstrators, so speakers addressed the crowd from the back of a flatbed truck as an airplane flew above towing a banner with a picture of Newsom and the words “End his tyranny!” Protesters waved dozens of flags and signs, many in support of President Donald Trump.

“The mental and emotional impact cannot even be fathomed,” said Nita Brady, 68, of Modesto, who added that she was angry that two of her granddaughters missed their middle school and high school graduations.

“I think it’s absolutely ludicrous to shut down the schools and especially for the length that they did,” she said.

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