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The President is now facing an existential moment in his Presidency. This caravan has now swelled to 14,000 people some say. How does that happen? You’ve seen the footage, women pushing five children in stroller – we’re supposed to take care of all these people? Every third world impoverished person in the world is coming here and the truth is we can’t take care of them all.

And here’s another truth, there’s not a liberal listening to this who wants them here either. Do you think they are going to rush out and invite these people to their neighborhoods or into their homes? No. They don’t want their quiet little lives ruined.

Let’s be clear, this is an attempt by the Democrats to create mass hysteria against the President, against Republicans and against people who support them, that’s you and me. This is how evil they are. They would like to see Trump send the military to the border, and then they would like to see immigrants being shot and killed at the border. Nothing has been more clear.

This is an invasion army. Make no mistake about it. You might say that no other country in the world would allow something like this to happen, but you’d be wrong. Germany did, and look what happened to them. Leaders in Germany now say there are no Germans anymore. So did France and England. Now there are no-go zones in those countries even the police are afraid to go to.

This caravan and the others that will come after it are the existential threat to the survival of America if this is not stopped. The question is how does he stop it? What should the military do when they are sent? What should be their rules of engagement? Water cannons? Rubber bullets? How far should they go?

Trump is the one in the driver’s seat. We put him there for this. So what does he do? How does he stop this human wave? Here’s a scary thought. It doesn’t matter what he does. If he sends the military to the border, the media will follow and they will take their pictures and videos and frame interviews to fit their narrative and they will make it look like Trump, the military, the border patrol, and the Republicans are all evil white men resorting to drastic measures to keep brown mothers and children from a better life in America.

They did the same thing with the separation policy at the border. Did you notice every media member, every Democrat in congress, every Democrat spokesperson, all of them said Trump was “ripping” children from their parents, “ripping” families apart. Do you think that’s a coincidence? That word was chosen on purpose and they all collaborated using it. It was to create a picture in your mind. It was to induce a mass hysteria.

In the battle of the Alamo, less than 200 brave men were defending their homes, something the Mexican government promised them they could have, luring them to uproot their families and move to Texas to live free and thrive as best they could. That Mexican government reneged on that promise and decided they wanted that land back. An army of over 2000 Mexican soldiers slaughtered every last man at the Alamo.

This is a new type of invasion. This invasion army is not bringing cannons and rifles, they are bringing cameras, and stories of woe to influence sympathetic ears and eyes. And where are the Democrats that caused this to happen, that are allowing and begging for this to happen? Why isn’t Chuck Schumer down there handing out corned beef sandwiches for all the migrants? Why isn’t Nancy Pelosi down there preparing footbaths for them after their long hike? Why isn’t Bernie down there handing each one a copy of Das Kapital for each invader? Where is Ocascio-Cortez there with a rack of designer dresses from Madison Avenue? How come Kamala Harris isn’t down there providing pro bono legal representation for every border invader?

They are nowhere to be found because they want the spectacle to unfold. They want the violence they want the desperation, they want blood. They don’t care about these people, they only care about creating hysteria among the masses. But make no mistake, you, Trump’s base is becoming impatient with the lack of immigration control, so if Trump doesn’t put the military on the border to stop this invasion this could be Trump’s Waterloo. That didn’t end well for Napoleon as the Alamo didn’t end well for the Texians.

We are at the Alamo wall and we’re waiting for President Trump to help us reinforce it. We must not allow another mass hysteria win the day.