Cornerstone – TODAY IS TOO IMPORTANT: Savage on the 2018 mid-term elections …what’s at stake

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Today is a very important day. We could lose the ability to move forward an agenda we all believe in, an agenda that was developed right here by my and you. Today I am putting aside my personal feelings for the sake of the nation, and I’m not going to let the petty, vicious behavior of the Fox News mafia influence my political position.

You may think, ‘Oh, Savage you have sour grapes because Hannity went on stage with him, and because he’s avoiding this show like the plague.’ No, not at all. This is about you. Two years ago, this audience and my voice were instrumental in helping get this President elected and this agenda implemented. Why has he abandoned you?

Well this is an important point. But I am putting aside any personal feelings I may have towards the way this administration is dismissing this huge audience because there’s too much at stake for the nation. It’s unfortunate the Hannity/Bill Shine combo who has taken control of the White House cannot put aside their own petty, personal, commercial interests for the sake of the nation, because every vote counts.

Never forget this, Michael Savage is a renegade in the media. I always have been and I always will be. I have never been a member of the Republican media complex. Remember I was an outcast in the Bush administration. While Rush Limbaugh was invited to the Lincoln bedroom, and later apologized for having carried water for the administration, I maintained my intellectual independence.

Donald Trump when running for President called this show a lot because he needed this audience to hear his message. And this year nothing but silence. And I understand why. I’m not afraid to call things as I see them. I will not be a doormat like some. To thine own self be true. This election is super important, so I will not abandon this party in a time the country needs them.

We face a danger now as more young people are heading to the polls. Why is that a danger? Think about it. If you were a young 20 year old, not brainwashed or stupid, but if you just starting in life and you didn’t have much, why would you vote Republican? The free market? Small government? What does that mean to that person? I’ll tell you. They see a Republican party that offers them personally nothing except generic statements, like they’re going to protect the border, when they really don’t care about the border. The RNC offers platitudes like less government, when in reality the government is bigger than it was under Obama. They’re offering you lower taxes when as a young person in a low tax bracket you’re really not paying any anyway. It doesn’t matter to the young.

Then the Democrats come along and offer you free college, free healthcare, fairness to minorities, as you’ve been taught that minorities have been mistreated in America for years, that sounds good. Republicans only seem to hate everyone. They hate the environment, they hate wildlife, they hate what you perceive to be innocent poor people fleeing poverty in Central America coming in for a better way of life, like all of our ancestors did and you don’t understand why they hate them. That’s what a 20 year old thinks.

Now lets go to minorities. How do they see the Republicans? Yes the economy is better than ever, but they still don’t like them. Why, because the media has lied to them for 2 years. Study after study shows over 90 percent negative coverage of this administration, including one from Harvard. They’ve bought the lie they’ve been told over and over again.

This is why today is a bellwether for America. Already the signs are bad for our side. We could lose many governorships and some in key states like Florida. And the Hannity/Bill Shine combo set a dangerous precedent last night when Hannity appeared on stage at the Trump rally. Have you ever seen a commentator on stage with a President during a campaign rally before? What message does that send? His own network admonished him for crossing that line.

Since the Clinton administration I’ve been saying beware the government media complex but this is a red line that was crossed last night. As far as I know this is unprecedented. This didn’t even happen with Obama whom they worshipped. The new boss at Fox News Lachlan Murdoch specifically told them not to go on that stage, because it would give Fox News a black eye, and he went and did it anyway. Where are the ethics of Fox News now that they crossed the line and became an arm of the government?

We kept calling the left wing news media Pravda for the Democrat party which it is. So now Fox News becomes an official Republican party news outlet? That shows you why I am not on the air there, because I’m not a member of that Fox News media complex.

So you may ask, ‘well, Savage, would you have gone if they had called you?’ and my answer is I don’t know. How about that. But I would think about it and see if it was really necessary to make that move because I believe my audience needs to hear that we still believe in this agenda.

I got an email from a long time female republican saying, ‘they are carpetbaggers. Classic Republican rape the nation and steal everything that is not nailed down. Kill the animals, destroy the wildlife, screw the environmental stupid wackos and laugh at hysterical women. They are Neanderthal disgusting men.’

So where does that leave us. It leaves us exactly where we are. We have only one choice. And that is to absolutely never vote for a socialist democrat for the sake of the nation.

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