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Photo: Golan Heights, Israel

These are special times for the Western World. To the Jewish people, Wednesday night is known as the “head of the year” which is the beginning of the New Year for the Jewish people. Given that Western civilization is based on Judeo Christian values, the essence of this story is that these special times apply not only to the Jewish people, but to Christians, and all others who practice any religion that is built upon the original insights of the Jewish people, and that included Islam. Millions of people feel this and they don’t even know what they’re feeling.

The point is, the Jewish calendar, which goes back about 6000 years follows a different cycle than our sun calendar. It’s a moon based calendar. And these are special days. You can feel it in the air. You can feel it in the wind. You can see it in the light. Everything is different now in these few days leading up to the Jewish New Year. Even non-religious people feel it. They sense it. There’s a new sense of perhaps autumn if you’re in the east, but it’s more than the fact that it’s autumn in the east, that the seasons are changing.

These are special times, and according to the Jewish faith this is known as the time when the King is in the Field. That means God comes down to us at this time dressed as an ordinary person, and he asks us what we want for the coming year. What we really want. That’s for each person to decide for themselves, and this is the time to tell God what you want for the coming year. In the Jewish tradition people say to each other between these 10 days of repentance beginning Wednesday night and ending with the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, people say to each other, ‘sha-na tovah’ meaning, ‘May you be written into the book of life.’

To the child, it’s a childish story that God asks you to be good basically, and you think in Santa Claus terms and of course mature people don’t believe in these fables, but the religious people do. Maybe the ordinary person asks themselves whether he wants to live or die in the coming year. But more than that I think these are very unique times given the changes politically. We have seen great upheaval this year, in terms of the storms that have hit America and the Caribbean.

These are turbulent times we are in and going to be much more turbulent. We all feel that there’s war on the horizon. I think we’re going to war in a way you can never imagine. I can see it and I can feel it. Yes, and Donald Trump was selected for these times. That is correct. Perfect he isn’t, you can say what you want about him, but we needed a wartime consigliere and we have one. It’s coming. The King is in the Field.  

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