The mass hysteria of our time

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What are the major hysterias of our time?

There are many in our mad nation promulgated by those who sell tabloid newspapers and television shows to keep you listening. They create hysteria X to glue you to the screens and make you buy their publications.

But it doesn’t make them real. So, I’ve asked you what are the hysterias of our time?

For example, in the media if you were to list the top five, what would they be?

I can name two of them: the mass hysteria that marijuana is good for you, the mass hysteria that Donald Trump is the devil incarnate.

To me the vilification of Trump is the number one hysteria. It is the hatred of Trump based upon a fraudulent hypothesis that has yet to be proven. I thought that in America you were innocent until proven guilty?

How many times have we been told about the poor black people in prison who were really innocent and there was a rush to judgment and they were put in prison and charged with crimes they didn’t commit? I’m sure many cases it turns out that it was truly based upon racism.

Well, that’s an example of what’s going on with Donald Trump. I know you say that’s quite a stretch, but no, it’s not quite a stretch.

In America, we are innocent until proven guilty, but because of the hydrophobia, the rabies of those in the media, Donald Trump has been condemned convicted and almost hung in the public square. And thus far, Mueller has produced not a shred of evidence to indicate there was any collusion with Russia.