Savage: ‘You’re Asleep’ if You Think Communism Can’t Happen in U.S.

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Michael Savage warned his audience of “the coming socialism” and “growing left wing in America” during Wednesday’s broadcast of his eponymous radio show.

Partial transcript below:

I want to talk about the coming socialism and ask you … what would you do if the far-left took control of the United States government? Have you made backup plans? I know very intelligent people who are talking about moving out of America should the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat Party prevail. You say, “That’s hysterical. It can’t happen here.” You’re wrong. It’s happened in other nations and it can happen here. And we know what they stand for.

If the communists take over America, and many of them are already in very prominent positions; notably, we have a former communist who was put into the CIA — John Brennan — by Barack Hussein Obama, who was an overt crypto-communist who’s done very well indeed, like all leaders of any communist party have always done. Obama came to do good and he did very, very well indeed. Like all communists, they wind up on top.

They want free housing for all; free health care for all, free college education for all, free transportation for all. They want the abolition of ICE. … They want the abolition of prisons, meaning they want the release of people from prisons. … They want rapists released, murderers released. They call for everyone to receive a basic income … whether or not they work.

“If you think that it can’t happen here, then you’re really asleep,” Savage warned.

Savage continued, “The reason [socialism] has failed everywhere it’s been tried is because you have to use other people’s money to make it work. And as Margaret Thatcher famously said, ‘Socialism is a great system until you run out of other people’s money.’” Savage examined how Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — a self-described “democratic socialist” — had become a millionaire through monetizing communist ideology:

Bernie the seltzer man Sanders … is the most dangerous political figure in American history; far more dangerous than any ever seen before because he looks so harmless, doesn’t he? Like a Jewish grandfather; like everyone’s favorite floppy grandfather, doesn’t he? Old Bernie Sanders. He looks like he can do no harm, but he can do much harm, indeed.

Yet you get people coming along like [Bernie Sanders], Union Square commie, New York-style — I knew the type as a child, everyone had a bad cousin or uncle like him with a dirty suit, bad shoes, bad wife, no car, rode the subway, couldn’t get to first base, lived underneath the L somewhere in the Bronx, a miserable human being who never had a decent job in his life, resented everybody else in the family, his tie was stained, his shirt was stained, his suit was stained, and he always talked about communism — and now look where he is, making over a million dollars a year selling it to the useful idiot children who’ve grown up being brainwashed into thinking this has never been tried anywhere. Look how far he has come.

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