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Originally pu lished January 22, 2020:

There is vile anti-Semitism surrounding the impeachment proceeding and it is being riled up by anti-Semites in this country because of the Jewish names affiliated with it. Schiff, Nadler, Zelensky, Goldman… the list goes on. But this is not about the Jewish people. It is not about religion, but politics, and the like-minded groups working in unison.

We know about the deep state and those in the FBI and CIA who plotted against this president. Why? Because Trump dared to speak up and expose the new world order and those in our government trying to impose their will on our nation. For his honesty, the deep state actors will stop at nothing to undermine and overthrow President Trump.

Many have noted how the attacks on Trump are similar to the Salem Witch Trials, and McCarthyism, but it bears a resemblance to another historical event. The crucifixion of Jesus. No, I am not comparing Trump to Jesus, the differences in the two are evident. However, they were both falsely accused by those in power and turned over to a deep state to do their will. Today, the far reach of the Romans has been replaced by the new world order.

The Sanhedrin were the law of the land when Jesus lived. In our modern times, they resemble the Supreme Court in power, controlled by a body of 71, and then smaller Sanhedrin made up of 23 who reached decisions in outlying areas. In the case of Jesus the Jewish leaders were told to accuse and condemn him of violating the Sabbath law (by healing on the Sabbath), threatening to destroy the Jewish Temple, sorcery, exorcising people by the power of demons and claiming to be both the Messiah and the Son of God. In essence, Rome could not have someone say they were a king, as Jesus was said to have claimed in being the King of the Jews, because this would upset the ruling class.

According to the gospel of Luke, Jesus is tried and condemned by the Sanhedrin, although not all members of the Sanhedrin were there and only Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus dissented from this decision.

Could we reason that their actions were similar to Adam Schiff’s star chamber where only a few were allowed to attend? But we must not forget who first pushed for impeachment. Nancy Pelosi, a non-Jew who was using Jews to do her dirty work.

Ultimately, Jesus was turned over to the Romans for crucifixion. The Romans were the deep state of the time. Pontius Pilate found no basis for this crucifixion, much like Bob Mueller found no collusion, but the deep state wanted their blood. Pilate offered the crowd to spare Jesus or the thief Barabbas, as was the tradition of the day. But the blood thirsty crowd yelled, “Give us Barabbas!” Thus, the Romans took Jesus, spit on him, beat him, cut him, put a crown of thorns on his head, and he endured it. The Romans hung him to a cross where he died, and only then did people recognize they had killed an innocent man.

The Democrats and the deep state want to crucify Trump without a shred of evidence. This is history repeating itself. They continue to malign him even calling Trump an anti-Semite. How could he be an anti-Semite? His son-in-law is an Orthodox Jew whose grandfather and grandmother defied the Nazis in Poland. Trump’s own daughter converted to Judaism and his grandchildren are Jewish. Still, the media casts him as an anti-Semite. Trump is the greatest ally the Jewish people have had in America. We must stand up against the media and not allow these lies to persist.

Again, I am not comparing Donald Trump to Jesus. Trump fights back, because there is no father for him to turn to. He knows the truth and fights against those trying to hide it. While Jesus fought for the souls of man, Trump is fighting for the basic rights of man under our Constitution, and for this he is vilified in much the same way as Jesus.

And like the Romans of this time, a deep state is using Jews to conduct their deeds, knowing that they will be the ones to suffer the consequences. They will cause a rise in anti-Semitism, which is of no concern to the deep state actors. For the deep state, their only concern is preserving their way of life and trying to impose it on you. Whoever gets hurt in the process makes no difference as long as they are in control.