Savage: Where Are All The Fiscal Conservatives?

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If I ran my business the way this country is being run right now by the Republicans, I’d be in bankruptcy court. I wouldn’t have a business. But I don’t think you understand something, most of you who work for a living, pay your bills, try to stay out of debt or keep your debt as low as possible. I don’t think you understand that you are different than most American corporations who run on debt. In fact, their entire fiscal policy is one of fiscal insanity which is spending, spending, spending and borrowing, borrowing, borrowing and not caring what happens at the end of the road.

They don’t really care. They don’t care because they’re not going to pay the bills. One way or the other, they’re going to renegotiate the debt. Can you renegotiate your debt? If you buy, let’s say, a car you can’t afford and a house you can’t afford and take vacations you can’t afford and send your kids to schools you can’t afford, what happens when the bank comes calling? You say, ‘I want to pay less. I owe you three million dollars will you take 500,00 over 30 years?’ Of course, they’re going to say no. They’ll take your car, your house, your wife’s shoes. They’ll take your hippie son’s pipes. They’re not going renegotiate with you, but if you’re an American corporation, they’ll renegotiate with you. If you’re the American government ,who’s going to renegotiate with you? You’ll declare the debt just null and void. So, here we are. Where are all the fiscal conservatives?

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