Savage: What Would Cuomo’s Ancestors Say?

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By now you’ve heard the gaffe made by Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York declaring that America is not such a great nation. Cuomo, a descendant of very proud Italian immigrants, has joined the American haters of the Left. How did this happen?

I could hardly answer for you because I don’t know what goes on inside the minds of such cynical people. Just this week, Bernie Sanders claimed that the U.S. is now fundamentally immoral and wrong. Again, the entire Democrat establishment is running on one narrative: That this country stinks. Unfortunate as it is, this is the mentality that the Left is peddling.

Mr. Cuomo, I know you don’t think America is great, but tell that to all of the Europeans who were liberated by the men who are lying in graves around the world. Cuomo, when you drive past a cemetery where our soldiers lie, do you still say America is not that great? Do you realize if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t have freedom of speech, you wouldn’t have the powers that you possess? No, you would be a slave if the Nazis would have taken over the world.

Cuomo, do you have any idea what an affront your words are to every dead soldier and their family in this nation? How about the police on the streets of every city in New York, the state that you govern, who risk their lives every day to keep the scum of the earth from killing the average man and woman? In the cities and towns of America, too many cops are being killed today because of careless speech such as yours, Mr. Cuomo.

I wonder what Cuomo’s ancestors would be thinking in heaven. They came here from Italy. They toiled on the land to build a better life for their children and their children’s children. Would you think that the men and women who first came over from the old country would have ever dreamed that they would have two governors in their descendants and that one of them would then say America is not such a great place?

The grandfather would have slapped them around and said, ‘Stupid, what are you talking about?’

What kind of country are we living in that a man of such immense power could say a thing like this?

I know as an immigrant’s son when I hear words like this it has such a deep effect upon me. I have pictures of my ancestors in my house. In fact, I’m looking at my great-great-grandfather and great-great-grandmother right now. I never met them. I never met my grandfather; he died before I was born. They were hard-working immigrants. My grandfather died at 47 of a heart attack in New York City. What were his dreams? I’d like to know, but I’m not sure what filled Sam’s thoughts.

I dedicated a book to him once I wrote, “To Sam, the astronaut of the family” because to come from the world he left behind was like someone going to the moon in 1969. I look and I say I am manchild in the promised land. I have everything they ever dreamed about and no one gave me a dime. I never took it from anyone. I worked for every penny. I’ve been working since I was a little boy. I could have retired many years ago, but I won’t because I think I have a very important place to play in this society.

Now, Mr. Cuomo, don’t you dare tell me America is not a great place. And for all of you immigrants who come here and hate this country, you had better watch your tongue. You haven’t seen America yet. You have only seen the weakness of America. You’ve only lived through the tolerance of America. You’re only enjoying the fruits of this nation while spitting on it because those of us who pay your way have not stood up and said enough is enough.

By attacking the country, you’re attacking the foundations of this country. By saying America is not great, you’re giving license to the worst elements of society to attack the best elements of society. You may believe your words are innocent, but you’re fanning the flames of dissension and tearing at the fabric of this great nation.