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(POSTED APRIL 12, 2020)

FEB. 24TH 2020
I’m not here to for any ill will against Rush Limbaugh but I heard him earlier do something that in my opinion is completely irresponsible. He was downplaying the seriousness of the spread of the Coronavirus, saying it was all just media hype in order to make Trump look bad.

I’m sorry but that is very irresponsible. I have a PhD in Epidemiology and I know that this is a very serious and growing problem and it has nothing to do with politics and getting Trump. Right now, as of today there are nearly 80,000 confirmed cases in 37 different countries around the world with over 2500 people dead from this disease. And that’s relying on the fact that China is telling us the truth. There are reports from inside the country that mass graves are being dug and bodies are being burned by the hundreds, but of course the Chinese government won’t confirm that. There are also reports that this virus is a product of a Chinese bio-weapons lab. If that’s so, it’s genetically engineered to infect and kill a large amount of people. Does that sound like no big deal to you?

By claiming this is no big deal you are causing innocent people not to take precautions they normally would to protect themselves from something that is potentially deadly. You are giving rise to ‘officials’ to throw caution to the wind and move the infected around the globe under the guise of giving them the best ‘healthcare’ available.

I told you a few weeks ago about the Father of Epidemiology John Snow, and how he was able to map a cholera outbreak and find it’s ground zero at the Broad Street Pump. The reaction we are seeing by our own policies that have continued to allow air and boat traffic from China and the United States is the direct antithesis of what Snow would have said should be done.

The disease is spreading across Asia and now it’s reached Europe, and is growing. Make no mistake this is a very big deal. You see it in the stock market. Businesses could care less about politics, and they know something that will hurt commerce when they see it. That’s why the Dow opened down 1000 points this morning. They are selling because this virus hurts business. It’s not about hurting the President. It’s not about politics. This is about a danger to mass populations. You don’t know what happens to these things when they mutate.

But if you want to make it political I can. The hubris of this line of thinking will lead to chaos, and possibly the election of our nemesis, Bernie Sanders. There’s the revolution you’ve been looking for.