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Savage is once again the top talker in New York City radio. For two years running, Michael Savage has dominated Gotham’s talk airwaves as The Savage Nation has consistently ranked as the #1 program on WABC since April 2016 with the key demographic of Adults 25-54. Although he broadcasts from San Francisco, Savage has remained close to his roots as the true voice of New York. Beating Sean Hannity for years, New Yorkers have come to expect Michael’s acerbic wit and higher education to get them through their difficult days.

From politics to pasta, Savage’s unique approach to talk has resonated with radio listeners coast to coast, particularly with the New York audience.

Recently, Savage spoke with fellow New York native President Trump, sharing the president’s remarks with his audience:

The point is he loves the show AND he loves the audience and he loves The Savage Nation and he wants you to know how important you are to him. So here are some thoughts about what’s going on. Every poll is predicting that at the midterms of a president’s term they lose seats in the House. I totally disagree because this is not an ordinary president nor are these ordinary times. And I believe we’re not going to lose the seat by what I saw last night.

A recurring theme on The Savage Nation is Savage’s youth in New York City. In January, Savage related to our nation’s immigrants, remembering his own immigrant father:

So once again I’m speaking from the point of view of being an immigrant who grew up in a home where English was not even spoken by my grandmother. She was an immigrant, legal of course, but she didn’t speak the language. She couldn’t learn as she was too old at the time. I loved her very much. I can pick up by the tones. I picked up by the tones what she was saying to me. But she didn’t know the language. It was too hard.

I have sympathy for people who come here, let’s say from these nations who can’t speak the language. And I try to communicate with them. I don’t laugh at them.

Another reason I don’t laugh at them is I remember being in my father’s store in Ludlow Street in New York. Oh God, thousands of people would come through that store during the week. On the weekends it was like a zoo. It was a market, an indoor market, 20 different stalls. So I met all kinds of people as a young guy and I was very lucky to have done so. Every kind of person you could imagine. It was like Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey. So without going through the litany, I wrote about it on one of my books in the antique store. I remember once a man came in and was speaking in sort of half Spanish half English. He couldn’t speak English well. When he left, I laughed at him. I was maybe 10 years old. My father grabbed me by the shoulder he said “Don’t laugh at him.” He said “He speaks English better than you speak Spanish.” Well, I turned red, and he was right. So I learned from that point on that no matter how a person may stumble in the English language, it doesn’t mean I can speak their language better than they’re speaking my language.

The Savage Nation is heard nationwide on over 240 radio stations and has been one of the most successful talk radio shows in the history of the format, garnering Dr. Savage an induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2016.