“Terror is an instrument of social hygiene,” said one of the greatest terrorists of all time, Vladimir Lenin.

What the Biden gang is doing is not outright terror; it’s a low grade terror.

Welcome to the scorched earth of Joe Biden and his cohorts.

In 1980, there was a thing called the Mariel boat invasion.

When Fidel Castro emptied his prisons and flooded America with Cuban gangsters, criminals, drug dealers, rapists murderers, they settled in Miami. Miami then went into a state of shock with the cocaine wars. That’s what Castro did to this country.

The other day, I had Donald Trump on this show and he said that most of the immigrants that Biden is welcoming into this country from Central America are hardcore drug dealers, gangsters.

Whom do you believe, Joe Biden or Donald Trump?

An embarrassing point is that people will always compare the situation to the Jews and the Holocaust. That is the underlying motif of the entire liberal establishment.

But it’s a big lie.

It’s false on many levels.

The guilt narrative is being used by those who want to flood the United States with refugees for their own personal gain.

The church charities are in on it. And apart from virtue signaling, the true motivation is that each immigrant is worth about $250,000 in federal and state assistance.

Biden asked his VP Kamala Harris to be the lead person on dealing with focusing on the fundamental reasons why people leave Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador.

And what did they come up with? Earthquakes, floods, lack of food, gang violence.

This may be true, but Hondurans are not Jews running from gas chambers. They are people running toward financial gain at your expense.

How can we take care of new ‘refugees’ when we have so many indigenous poor in this nation already: the bums in the streets, the homeless in every city?

We are asked to believe that all of a sudden the country is rolling in money.

All of a sudden Biden has cleaned everything, and there are no poor in this nation who need the help of the government.

For many years, I’ve preached that ultra tolerance is killing us.

And now we have a brainwashed generation of children raised on Adderall, marijuana, other toxic compounds with skimpy vegan and other inadequate diets and outright brainwashing in the government schools.

These children have no religion but liberalism.

They have been taught to live by the 10 commandments of liberalism, which are these man is evil and poisoning the earth.

The earth is a living organism and needs to be protected.

All white people are racist. All people of color are good.

All refugees should be allowed in and given whatever they request.

If people make too much money, it should be taken from them. Government handouts have no price.

All players on the international stage have equal credibility.

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