Savage: Should Trump fire Mueller?

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Do you think it’s the right time for Trump to fire Mueller?

I do. I think he should have done it before but I think he has the evidence to do it now. And I think it’s time to fire Mueller. It’s that simple; replace him with someone who is not as partisan on a different investigation and that investigation would be the FBI collusion against the president.

I think Trump’s power right now is so strong after defeating Schumer on this DACA bill. I believe right now that the Left is in retreat and it’s time for for Trump to strike while his power is high.  

If I were an advisor to Donald Trump in the legal area, which I am NOT, I would say “Mr.Trump, it’s time to take the gloves off. You’ve taken enough from these people. They’re breaking the law. They’re acting like soviet-era secret service agents, secret society agents at that. They’re working in a Star Chamber to undermine your administration along with CNN and MSNBC and the others in the mainstream media to make you look like a bad guy who colluded with Russia when in fact the opposite is true. They were colluding to destroy you. It’s time to fire Mueller. You have the power to do it. The only thing standing in the way is the press, and the press is corrupt. The people know the press is corrupt. The people will back you Mr. Trump.”

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