Savage: ‘Honor Thy Father and Mother’ Doesn’t Mean Worship Them

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After the long holiday weekend, many Americans are reeling from the time spent with family — myself included.

The annual Thanksgiving gathering is rarely the loving affair depicted in a Norman Rockwell painting. Whether it be personal or political, the disagreements left dormant throughout the year come to light as we come together to give thanks.

As I got back into the routine Monday, I invited listeners to share their own family disputes over the holiday weekend. One particular call stood out during the broadcast.

Sandra expressed the pain she endured dealing with her abusive father and shared how some words of wisdom, once given to me, had also helped her with the difficult relationship:

SANDRA: “Four years ago, I heard the voice of God through you. I didn’t grow up religious —”

SAVAGE: “C’mon, that’s a very big responsibility, and that’s too — What do you mean the voice of God through me. What? Like what did you hear?”

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