Savage, Buchanan Oppose Syria Strike

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Michael Savage’s interview with Pat Buchanan on Wednesday revealed the radio talk show host and his guest both flat out oppose a U.S. military strike against Syria and they think President Donald Trump made a mistake by threatening Russia earlier this week.

Before and while welcoming Buchanan to his show “The Savage Nation,” Savage made his opposition to military action clear and said Trump’s recent tweets showed “the war mongers have grabbed the steering wheel of this administration.”

Buchanan agreed and said Trump put himself in a box by firing off a tweet on Wednesday attacking Russian-backed Syrian President Bashar al Assad for his regime’s most recent alleged chemical weapons attacks on civilians and warning that missiles were coming.

Russia warned that US military action would have serious consequences, and Trump then tweeted on Thursday that he had never stipulated a timeframe when an attack on Syria would take place.

“Could be very soon or not so soon at all,” he said.

Buchanan repeated his assertion that Trump now had two choices: either he launches the attack that would drag the U.S. deeper into Syria’s civil war, or be mocked for being full of talk but no action – a trait Trump accused Barack Obama of on Sunday, saying the former president failed to strike Syria on his watch after a chemical attack.

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