The Reviews: God, Faith, and Reason

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Proof of God, an appeal to science
Steven M Hug

In his chapter, Does God Exist?, Michael writes, “God is about belief and faith. It is not about proving there is a God, for there is no proof. What proof can there be?… But I say the obverse tells us that God does exist.” And of course, listening to Michael on his radio show, its clear he has a strong belief.

Michael is correct to write that no “proof” can be given. However, we know many things are true that cannot be proven. We often hang our belief in these truths in what we say is “self-evident” arising from intuition, but also on an overwhelming collection of evidence. Nowhere in the book can I find an important argument for the existence of God, an argument that rests on science. This argument is developed in another book – God and Freedom, by Jon Rod Christie. Order, especially high order in the presence of high complexity, does not occur unless designed and build by expenditure of energy. Disorder, ie, chaos, is invariably the statistical result of accident. For example, when two cars collide, the result is never improved models of the originals. The universe is of such high order, in both the micro-state and macro-states, that it is governed by mathematical laws and described by infinitely agreeing particle constructions. Such a universe could not come about by accident. This is an important agreement that appeals to reason and science.

One of many wonderful books, Michael has written.
I love this book! Michael Savage is not appreciated as he should be! He has written many books and it stuns me that people cannot see what a wonderful author he is! God Bless you, Michael Savage and never stop writing!

AMAZING! Every page
Joe Johnson

AMAZING! Every page, and every word was worthy of being re-read, and re-processed among my brain matter, my soul, and my sprit. It is a book worth giving away as a gift, so that others might share in GOD, FAITH, & REASON.

I was taken by the writing style, superb! Each short gave me tremendous insight into who Dr. Savage is, and what makes him tick. I ponder deeply about my own experiences. I was significantly moved, with much emotion, as I read the last paragraph of the section about his brother Jimmie, and influence upon Dr. Savage’s life.

This is the first book I have ever purchased that Dr. Savage has written. I have listening to, and admired him for years, especially his PhD and health & research knowledge. I am even more a fan after reading this book. I shall give my children all copies for Christmas!


I’ve read most of Dr. Savage’s books. This …

I’ve read most of Dr. Savage’s books. This book is so much different than anything he’s written. He describes the struggles of every human being when it comes to existence. We all come from different experiences and yet have the same struggles when you really think about it in cosmic sense, whether you’re a skeptic or a practicing Catholic such as myself. You never stop asking questions and never stop seeking answers. This books describes the searching that never ends in this lifetime.

An honest approach to God, Existence and the state of man/woman. You will relate to his experience one way or another
Brain ForAreason

An honest approach to God, Existence and the state of man/woman. Michael’s journey is a joy to read. You will find yourself relating in some fashion. Doctor Savage doesn’t just go with canned religion or what is popular. He asks questions as a good scientist would. He asks questions as a reasonable human being. Then comes the story telling. He is a master story teller I always feel like I’m in the same room experiencing it.

A magnificent book written from the heart with no holds barred

This will be a great book. I’m half way through it this morning and thrilled that finally someone has written a spiritual book that gets real; really real. This is as good as it gets. This is one church where you don’t have to leave your mind at the door when you come in!


Spiritually Intellectual in a way only Dr. Savage can write
Bonnie Blue SC

A very open and honest dialect about how God comes in and out of our lives, in particular Dr. Savage’s. A thought provoking book that allows the reader to utilize reasoning beyond what we are taught and to think about our true purpose. As always, a very intellectual insight going back to our personal founding. Everyone has a mother, father, grandmother who had religion and at some point, maybe our most venerable, we will try to find it. So why not now?

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