Ready at last! Dr. Savage’s great novella, Roses

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Ready at last! Dr. Savage’s great novella, Roses.

        …”Trying to write a story about his long life would be pointless and futile. He knew this. Few would read about an old man’s life. True, he had written many books. Many huge successes. Most were political. One even got a man elected President of the United States.”…

Begun in May of 2021, Dr. Savage shares with you an original novella that goes deep into the thoughts of one man trying to save what is left of a nation in freefall.

Dr. Savage has dedicated his life to the betterment of the country, yet he has been silenced, banned and treated as though he is the enemy… when we all know the enemy is rooted deep within the untouchable establishment.

       …”Like all good art, it would be initially mocked, dismissed, reviled and also immediately admired.”…

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