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From Kelefa Sennah’s  2009 story on Dr. Savage:

“This punk-rock interlude would not have surprised Savage’s regular listeners, who know him to be, more days than not, a marvellous storyteller, a quirky thinker, and an incorrigible free-associater. He sometimes sounds less like a political commentator than like the star of a riveting and unusually vivid one-man play (he frequently dumps callers, even sympathetic ones, after about a sentence and a half), or a fugitive character out of a Philip Roth novel. Savage seems resigned to the fact that the majority of Americans, including many of his own listeners, just don’t get it—just don’t get him—and never will. He is a permanent resident of the political wilderness, sending daily dispatches back to the diseased civilization that the rest of us call home.”

Read the complete profile “Party of One” at The New Yorker.

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