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Dr. Michael Savage has been a colossus astride the American political scene since 1994, when he rode from the ashes of an academic career curtailed by liberalism’s edict, “white males need not apply.” They did him a favor. They did America a favor, too. Today he is 80 years old. On the radio 26 years, most of that time nationally syndicated, he has for a little over a year now been doing a podcast. He is also a regular on Newsmax TV. He has navigated the treacherous path of partisan politics, but also the brave new world of social media, which has changed drastically in just over a decade. He is an innovator who has innovated — and succeeded. “Just this morning I read that some unknown podcasters that I’ve never heard of had Donald Trump on, and they had 5 million views in 24 hours, on a little podcast I never heard of,” says Dr. Savage. “So Trump was on my podcast and we got the normal 250 to 400,000 downloads, which is very significant for a serious podcast, but what I’m saying Steve, 5 million views in 24 hours from prank video manufacturers, and this is where the politicians are all going, from Donald Trump to Zelenskyy. “I started in radio in ‘94 when radio was a very hot medium, and I set the Bay Area on fire, with insights, my staccato delivery, and my ‘take no prisoners’ attitude,” he continues. “So everything has changed . . . There’s no such thing as an independent voice anymore in the media. So everyone’s walking around looking over their shoulder, myself included.” Dr. Savage really has only himself to look to when it comes to these changes. He says he does not wish to compare himself to the Peter Finch character in “Network,” then does just that. “I remember when I was on KSFO, I was on like from four to seven p.m., and in the winter it would get dark early, and I would say, ‘If you’re listening to this show flash your lights on and off to let others know you’re listening to Michael Savage.” The freeways lit up. Dr. Savage says he actually likes podcasting more than live radio, although he misses the feedback of a live audience. He got into the business because in New York he talked to people on the streets, but in the Bay Area “they’d stare at you in that dumb Bay Area stare.” So he started his own discussion on the air.

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