Michael Savage’s Statement on U.S. Senate Campaign

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Today is the deadline for me to announce and file my candidacy for the Senate representing the state of California. After careful thought and serious consideration I have reached a critical decision.

The issue of granting permission to big game hunters to kill elephants, lions and other big game on a case-by-case basis was the deciding factor for me. What this showed me is that my real role is better served here behind this microphone than as a senator, where I would be one of 100. Right now I am at the pinnacle of my profession. I am in the top 5 of people in radio and the number one streaming talk radio show. I have seen that my influence goes much further and carries much more weight than it would if I was in the United States Senate.

In the Senate, people are seen as just partisan. Many times you have to go against what you believe to please the leadership of your party, or a lobbyist, or a donor. That’s just the nature of the beast. In radio you can be seen in many ways. You can seem partisan at times, but uniting in others. All in all, I don’t have to betray my beliefs or who I am to please a constituency.

I could never have taken an issue like the elephant issue and had the influence I had on the administration if I was in the Senate. Although I would have my voters behind me in theory, it carries more weight to have my audience behind me. Because you are active and influential. This struggle has just begun. If I were to have mentioned this issue on the Senate floor, it would not have been heard and most likely ignored. It’s a non story to partisans on both sides of the aisle. They are tuned out of anything except for attacking the other side.

That tells us what we need to know about where the media is today. The only stories they care about are what Trump did or didn’t do. I have more freedom to promote America’s agenda on the radio, than I would in congress. Pragmatically, we all know the Democrats have rigged the voting in this state so overwhelmingly that no American Patriot would stand a fair chance.

So I will stay here, behind this microphone for the foreseeable future. While I know California is in dire need of leadership politically, my position in the media helps me better serve the state and the nation. While legitimate patriotic Californians currently have no voice, their voices are heard every day on the Savage Nation. By staying here behind the microphone, where God put me, not only can I be the voice of California, but the voice of an entire nation – The Savage Nation.

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