Michael Savage Warns of WW3 and Appeals to Putin for Peace: ‘This Nightmare Has to End’  

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Conservative radio legend Michael Savage issued a direct appeal for peace to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday while condemning those on the left fighting to protect the borders, language and culture of Ukraine “while your own country is being overrun.” Savage said he decided to make a personal plea to the Russian president because “the world is in a perilous state [as] everyone is screaming for war and more war and very few are calling for peace.”

“The lunatics in the European Union, the lunatics in NATO, are arming themselves to the teeth,” he said. “Will that lead to peace?” he asked. “When has arming yourself to the teeth ever led to peace?”

He also insisted “this nightmare has to end,” warning that “unless something is done, this bloodbath will get out of control and we will have either a full-blown World War III or a short version, the annotated version.” Pre-empting detractors, Savage claimed he did not think his appeal alone would “change the course of human history,” but rather “if one billion of us were to think peace and appeal to Mr. Putin for peace, we just might have a chance to save the world from this lunacy.”

“Like lemmings, we’re rushing over the cliff of insanity,” he said.

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