Michael Savage to Newsmax TV: Trump a ‘Leader’ Amid COVID Crisis

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“Savage Nation” radio host Michael Savage said Thursday that President Donald Trump acted admirably during the initial months of the coronavirus pandemic, asserting he did “exactly what a real leader does — calm the population.”

In an interview on Newsmax TV‘s “Stinchfield” show, Savage said Trump’s public demeanor in February and March was not unlike that of a ship captain facing danger at sea.

“Trump did exactly what a real leader does — calm the population,” he said. “If the captain of a ship detects a problem, a leak in the ship . . . he’s not going to tell passengers ‘oh my God . . . we’re going to sink.'”

Savage also lashed out at Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Bob Woodward for holding on to the tape of Trump’s startling admission that he downplayed the coronavirus until just before the election.

“It’s Bob Woodward . . . a known Democrat hack, a known operative of the Democratic National Committee,” he fumed.

“His shelf life expired with Watergate and the man is still getting mileage out of his book . . . like some revered figure.

“[He] should have been driven out of Washington in 1971.”

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