Michael Savage Takes 30-Minute Meeting With The President.

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Global warming, Teddy Roosevelt and Diet Coke. These are among the topics discussed by conservative talk radio host Michael Savage during a 30-minute meeting with President Donald Trump and face time with VP Mike Pence, during his visit to Washington this week.

“I thought it would last three to five minutes given that there were 70 dignitaries from around the world, heads of state, CEOs of major corporations, all who wanted time with President Trump,” Savage said on his nationally syndicated “Savage Nation.” “But the president was extremely inviting and cordial with my wife and I.”

The talker’s monthly newsletter “The Savage News” lays out more perspective on the meeting—including a curious conversation about a red button on the President’s desk. “I thought (it) was a nuclear launch button,” Savage said. “He pressed the button and I said, ‘Mr. President, did you just launch a nuclear weapon?’ President Trump laughed and said, ‘Yeah, I launched an atomic bomb. No, no, I’m ordering a Diet Coke.’”

Savage comments, “I died laughing. I thought he wanted us out of there. I thought this was a button that they put in the when they want you out of a meeting, it rings and then the aid comes in and takes you out. He said, ‘No, no. I just wanted a soda. Would you like one?’”

Vice President Pence also joined in Savage’s Washington festivities with a private meeting. He called the VP “a very interesting man, very intellectual. He’s extremely knowledgeable and very respectful of me in particular.” The two discussed oil paintings in his office, including a portrait of President Teddy Roosevelt that Pence chose to add to his wall. “Then we talked about Teddy Roosevelt for a while and I said, ‘We should be owning the conservation movement,’” Savage said.

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