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Radio host Dr. Michael Savage took to the airwaves Tuesday with a message for conservatives and Trump supporters alike. Savage turned the tables on the media declaring them the bullies of our political schoolyard.

Savage called on listeners to resist the Deep State, Mueller, and the mainstream media as they have slandered and maligned Trump and his supporters as ‘bullies’ while being the aggressors themselves.

Trump is being bullied by the media filled with the worst people on the planet which is why they incite such hatred. The media bullies everybody. They attack Trump trying to make him into the bully when they are the true bullies.

He’s being bullied. He’s the victim. And what’s happened here is that Mueller, the Deep State and the media all-in-one are the gigantic Joe Palooka bullying Donald Trump.

The reason the country is starting to turn towards Trump slowly but surely is because America loves an underdog. And in fact, Trump is the underdog.

Would you believe that? Although the media has portrayed America as a bully in many cases, Trump took a different approach to the trade agreements. He recognized that America had been bullied by China, we were bullied by Mexico, and mainly by people within our own country who turned trade against us. Madeleine Albright went to work for China and others and then made believe she was this great friend of the poor.

Trump comes along and states that we will no longer be pushed around anymore like some 98-pound weakling.

To this, we all said, ‘Yeah, we don’t want to be pushed around anymore. We love America. We like our American flag. We love American cars. We love the land itself. We love the air, the mountains, the waterways. We love our nation, and we don’t want these nations kicking us around. We resent illegal immigrants coming over from the third-world to benefit from the beauty of this land and to take advantage of our great laws, our great systems, and our welfare and then spit on us and put us down. We don’t like it and we’re not going to be bullied anymore.”

He became our champion; he became our voice.This perspective resonates truth within you. It finally reveals a picture of Trump you’ve never thought of before and this will turn the tide.

Beginning today, we must now expose the media as the bullies they are. And now you have a little ammunition to use with relatives or friends who you don’t have to hate when they start putting down Trump, because they’re truly putting you down. They’re using Trump as a panada to put you down. If you supported him or voted for him, they’re trying to say that they don’t like you and they’re trying to use a third party. To this, you can respond, “I resent your bullying and I want you to stop it. I respect our friendship or our relationship. I don’t want you to bully me anymore with this garbage. Vote for who you want to vote for, and I’ll vote for who I want. Don’t ridicule me with your nonsense.

Start using the word bully on them, and I guarantee that you will witness a change once you put them where they belong and recognize them as the bullies they have become.