Michael Savage reveals the personal origins of his talk radio calling in new book

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Savage spoke with Jennifer Harper of The Washington Times, where he opened up about the difficulties in his childhood that made him the radio host he has become:

“I became an entertainer for my mother. I would imitate people. I would put on faces. I would make sounds and noises and I’d wipe the tears away. She would stop crying. She would smile,” Mr. Savage recalled, noting that he relished speaking before a crowd even as a 6-year-old.

“When I spoke with such a clear voice and wasn’t afraid, the little pipsqueak that I was, and the crowd listened to me, I enjoyed the power, and I discovered something. I discovered I could move audiences, and that means I can change people’s fates, as I learned later in life,” he said, characterizing this ability as both a gift and a burden.’

The complete story is available at The Washington Times here.