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Radio star Michael Savage was named in March, 2020 by President Donald Trump to be a member of the board of directors of the Presidio Trust, an organization committed to preserving one of San Francisco’s biggest tourist draws — the national park area located at the Golden Gate Bridge.

From humble beginnings to palling with the president.

“President Trump saw [my] environmental background and asked if I would like to serve on The Presidio Trust,” Savage said, in an emailed answer to questions. “I hope to help save this great legacy while also reminding the public of the military significance of this land.”

n a White House post, Savage was named — Michael A. Weiner, his official name — as “Member of the Board of Directors of the Presidio Trust for a term expiring May 4, 2023.”

It’s not that random an appointment for the radio legend.

For more than 40 years, Savage has been a champion of environmental preservation. Among his notable causes and actions: In 1975, he devised a regreen-America plan that led to the publication, “Plant a Tree: A Working Guide to Regreening America.” He earned a doctorate in 1978 in ethnobotanical research from the University of California — making him a recognized expert in the study of plants and their uses.

Prior, he earned his master’s of science and arts degrees in anthropology and botany. His work, “The Secrets of Fijan Medicine” was published by the United Nations in 1983. And he earned the “Best Science Book Award for Children” in 1975 for his published account of “Man’s Useful Plants.”

That’s just a dip in the bucket of environmental accolades that Savage has received through the years.

“In conjunction,” a background sheet on Savage given by the White House stated, “Savage has been a generous donor to veterans, police organizations, animal and wildlife charities … [and] has regularly contributed towards wounded or fallen police officers and [to] the legal defense of Marines and service members.”

He helped reunite a wounded solider with his K-9 partner in 2014.

He established a scholarship program to promote traditional, core American values in 2015.

He authored dozens upon dozens of works related to health, medicine, aging, addictions, nature, herbs — and more.

And all that’s in addition to his research, study, analyses and writings on politics and culture.

And you thought Savage was simply a top-ranked legendary radio and podcast guy.

“Savage,” one Amazon description page on his “Savage Nation” book reads, “has worked as a factory worker, waiter, teacher, New York social worker, medicinal plant explorer and scientist.”

All after being raised in a home without a silver spoon.

Born on March 31, 1942, to parents who were immigrants, Savage has in the past recounted how his family was so poor, he had to wear pants his father brought him from his job at the morgue.

Those days are long gone.

From poor man to presidential appointee.

Or, as Savage put it in an email, “from wearing ‘dead man’s pants’ to saving even the ants.”

Only in America.

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