MS13-Defending Pelosi Remains Mum while MICHAEL SAVAGE hit with ANTI-SEMITIC DEATH THREATS

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The Washington Times:

Radio talk show star Michael Savage has been hit with at least two vicious anti-Semitic death threats in the last couple weeks — so vicious, in fact, local detectives have labeled them a “new level of hate and rage,” he said, in an email.

So where’s the outrage from the left?

Where’s the swooping defense from the Democrats — you know, the ones who like to parade and pretend that all lives matter, Black Lives Matter, even thuggish lives like MS-13 gang members?

Remember this, from May 2018? A YouTube headline: “Nancy Pelosi Defends Violent MS-13 Gang Members In Response To Trump, [And] Says They’re Not Animals.”


Fact checkers were quick to point out Pelosi didn’t specifically defend the gang members. But she pretty much did. She came pretty darn close to it.

Her exact words were this: “We’re all God’s children, there’s a spark of divinity in every person on Earth, and … we all have to recognize that as we respect the dignity and worth of every person.”

That would have been OK to say, had it not come in context of condemning President Donald Trump for slamming MS-13 gang-bangers as “animals” during a brief question-answer session on White House border policy. As it was, Pelosi came across as defensive of MS-13 gang members.

They’ve got that “spark of divinity,” dontcha know.

Apparently, Savage doesn’t. Or perhaps it’s that anti-Semitism isn’t good for Democrat fund-raising.

In any case, on Twitter, Savage wrote: “New death threats. Working with local and federal police to catch the terrorist. He is using Guerrilla mail. Anyone know who this might be? (threatening to poison me with ricin, shoot and stab me! …).”

Poison, ricin, shoot, stab — those are watered-down terms.

To Breitbart, Savage shared the contents of the very explicit email threat he received that went, in part, like this: “Subject: die mother[f—er] die. Would you just shut the [f—] up you fascist pig jew. We haven’t forgotten bout you jew. … [W]e been watching and you been sloppy … I swear I am going to get you … Im going to make you hurt jew the way your fascist orange … criminal imposter in the white does al the kids he keeps in cages. Im going to come up behind you and shoot [you] in the back so you cant move arms and pig legs and then while you are laid out screaming in the dirt Im gonn[a] grab you by that hair and smash your skull against that concrete over and over while you scream until you stop jew and empty your skull on the pavement: We’ll get your dogs and wife too set them on fire to atone for your hate.”

It goes on. And unbelievably enough, it goes on in even more vicious tone.

The emailer also threatens the president and his family.

But where’s the political outrage? Where’s Savage’s savior from the left? Where’s the collective condemnation against such ugly and blatant anti-Semitism?

Pelosi’s office didn’t respond to an email for comment.

Savage, meanwhile, emailed this statement: “I am used to threats but even the San Francisco detectives told me this is a new level of hate and rage. As for [Rep.] Pelosi … I suppose in her ‘Animal Farm,’ some animals are more equal than others.”

Some citizens are more worthy of protections than others.

Some citizens are more worthy of political shielding and high-level Democratic Party defense than others.

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