Cornerstone – Washington Times Jennifer Harper – October 6, 2018 – Michael Savage fires off new book on mass hysteria and the ‘Trump Witch Hunt’

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The challenges faced by President Trump during his campaign and presidency have been a primary driver of endless news media coverage, for better or worse. Mostly worse. An unsettling new culture seems to have sprung up now 20 months after Mr. Trump was inaugurated, fueled by the president’s tenacious persistence, negative press coverage, shrill outcry and much more. This unprecedented political phenomenon has fueled a new book by talk radio kingpin Michael Savage, and the title tells all: “Stop Mass Hysteria: America’s Insanity from the Salem Witch Trials to the Trump Witch Hunt.”

Mr. Savage does not mince words in his 26th book.

“Hatred is in the air. We are living in an age of hate, in which mental pollution is worse than air pollution. The most accessible and comprehensive of all unifying agents, hatred is spreading like a virus into all-too-willing hosts. It unifies knee-jerk liberals, no matter what their other differences. Hatred of conservatives, Trump, and his voters is just one of many cases of mass hysteria infecting American society today, but it is likely the most destructive,” the author writes in the very first paragraph.

“The left does not just hate President Trump. They hate this nation,” Mr. Savage later adds.

“This is my last political book, as far as I know,” Mr. Savage says in a video from in his broadcast studio — and the author praises his readers for landing his last six books on the New York Times bestseller list — “with no exposure from the media to speak of.”

Even the book’s dedication page has a message: “This book is dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement who are on the front lines protecting the rest of us from the violent, radical, left-wing street criminals whose goal is to tear our society into pieces.”

Mr. Savage also has this proclamation for readers in his video: “I am highlighting the worst mass hysterias in this nation,” he says. “When this book gets in the stores, we’re going to be activated. The Savage army wants you.”

The book will be published Oct. 9 by Center Street, the Nashville-based conservative imprint of publishing giant Hachette Book Group — which includes such authors as Judge Jeanine Pirro, Newt Gingrich and Kurt Schlichter in its stable.

“Since Donald Trump’s historic ascendance to the presidency, American politics have reached a boiling point. Social and economic issues, even national security, have become loud, violent flashpoints for political rivals in the government, in the media and on the streets. This collective derangement has a name: mass hysteria,” Center Street says in an advance message.

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