Michael Savage: America’s at War with Itself

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The Washington Times:

Many Americans are now wondering when the next crisis will arrive in the U.S. They mull those memories of a fine economy, record low employment, a promising trade deal with China and a more peaceful Middle East. All that was flourishing before the coronavirus pandemic hit, followed by unprecedented social unrest and political strife. So where are we now?

“As the November elections approach, America is at war with itself to decide if it will remain a land of freedom and opportunity, or whether a radical new vision will emerge,” writes talk-radio kingpin Michael Savage, who has an 8-million member audience and a new book arriving Tuesday.

“Our Fight for America: The War Continues” — his 30th book — asks some stark questions.

“Americans are searching for answers. Was the American lockdown necessary to defeat Covid-19 or was it a politically motivated strategy to harm President Trump’s reelection chances? Does the death of George Floyd represent a systemic problem with American police or is the Left exploiting the tragedy for political purposes? Where does legitimate protest end and insurrection begin?” the author writes.

He shares insight about these challenging circumstances.

“How can America win the war with itself? The true America is not fighting with itself. The true America is fighting a foreign ideology,” Mr. Savage tells Inside the Beltway — and he is specific here.

Socialism is not the primary foe. It’s a little more dire than that.

“Communism is foreign to freedom. Communism is foreign to business. Communism is foreign to religion. America can win this war against tyranny only after the nation realizes that the enemy is not itself — but an alien, tyrannical system of oppression disguised as liberation, equality and fairness,” Mr. Savage says.

“The enemies of our freedom must be exposed, fought and defeated for the nation to heal and survive,” he advises.

The book is published by Center Street Books, the conservative imprint of publisher Hachette — which has also counts Donald Trump Jr., Newt Gingrich, Sen. Tim Scott and Judge Jeanine Pirro in its circle of authors.

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