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Jim – The deep scar of sharing such a personal issue that left obviously a terrible, permanent effect on Dr soul is never going to heal. Prayers for healing. Yes, it was a surprise to hear Dr open up a sad, but left a lasting impact on his life.

Ken from Brooklyn – The story of his first abortion is touching, and I only had a minor conception of how these procedures occured as I was born after roe was settled law. I hope that we don’t return to those days. I think red state governors looking at higher office know that they need to thread this needle, and I welcome the debate within the republican party. We’ve have not had a policy debate over abortion in 50 years and now we finally can.

Shari – I couldn’t wait for you to weigh in on the polarizing subject of abortion. Your podcast was heartfelt and incredibly honest. It’s greatly appreciated. My head is spinning. I never believed abortion should be a method of birth control, however i completely understand and sympathize with so many women, and teenage girls who have had to make the choice. I can’t for the life of me imagine why the Justice’s are doing this now? Are they trying to throw the ‘25 election? Ruin midterms for republicans? Something seems off.

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