AUDIO: Liberal Jews and Nazis – How Harvey Weinstein, Larry David and Bernie Madoff Destroyed the Image of the Jewish People in My Opinion

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The current crop of Jewish People are unfortunately typified by the above three. Try to name a prominent person of Jewish faith who is a positive role model in the United States or the world. Can you name one? Where is the Albert Einstein or Jonas Salk of our time?

New lows are hit on a daily basis. It was bad enough that Woody Allen single handedly debased the image of the Jewish male forever by playing up the Yiddish stereotype of the ‘schlemiel’ and made a fortune laughing all the way to the bank. Woody Allen created the image of the weak, servile, cowardly Jew.

Now we come to the special case of Larry David. On a recent episode of his revitalized series HBO hit a new low in anti-Semitism by airing this insanity. In the recent episode the scene is set at a Jewish funeral for a boy who died in an accident. The Larry David character fights with the usher over a seat, pushes his way through the mourners to get a better seat, tells a grieving mother to shut up and stop crying, and tops it all off when an Arab arrives to join the mourners, David starts screaming ‘gun, gun, he’s got a gun!’ and the entire congregation of Jews tramples each other to run out of the synagogue in fear and terror.

Now what does such quote “comedy” serve but to ignite the ugliest stereotypes of Jews. Is there no bottom to what low grade comedians will do to bank a few dollars? Is this not a stereotype unto itself? All this is doing is stirring up negative images of Jewish people period. No there shouldn’t be a law to prevent this kind of racism, but there should be some kind of self-constraint on the type of lowlifes that create this type of product.

In a past generation, blacks were portrayed as servile and foolish in the character known as Stepin Fetchit. In the 1940’s the Stepin Fetchit character was the type who always said ‘yassir’ and made white audiences laugh hysterically because he portrayed the black male in the way white audiences wanted to see black males, which was servile and stupid. Sort of Pullman porter.

When was the last time you’ve seen a black character doing that? You would never, ever see a black character putting down blacks would you? Not only would such a character never be aired by HBO or other cable outlets, but no one in Hollywood would fund such a character, and yet the rush to fund the ugly stereotype of a Larry David.

As far as Harvey Weinstein goes, there were Nazi posters and films created by the propaganda minister Goebbels which portrayed Jews in the manner of a Harvey Weinstein. It is hard to believe that a living embodiment of these Nazi posters has appeared in our time, in my opinion. I can only conclude by asking where are the positive Jewish role models? Can you name any?

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