Dr. Savage,

I have been listening to you since the early days on KGO Radio. I’m a lifelong San Francisco resident and have been a terrestrial radio listener since my very early 20s when I was attending college and able to pick up the skip signal up and down the West Coast. I would absolutely love to see and hear you do a Sunday evening live radio show, taking calls. I fondly remember for years, Dr. Bill Wattenburg hosted a Sunday night show called Open Line to The West Coast where he would take calls on all subjects, as you have done occasionally on your program such as Open Mike Friday. Maybe a Mike to Mike Sunday would be a great segueway to your potential Sunday show.  

I listen to the political banter with interest, but I love the personal stories and the many call-in listeners on all subjects you address. I remember listening to Al Jazzbeaux Collins, I believe called the Purple Grotto more of a freestyle jazz call-in show. Please keep us listeners posted as to where you might be hosting a Sunday program, on which station and when it becomes a live program. I will continue to follow you on your podcasts and follow on your website when you leave the air in January. But it sure would be nice to hear you on a Sunday live call-in program to add to your podcast line-up. You will be missed tremendously during the week when I made time to listen to you on KSFO. As always good health to you and best of luck on your next chapter.  

Fondest regards,

A longtime listener

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